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State EAS Map & District-Specific AM Radio Coverage/Listeners

TAB has prepared the following district-specific handouts to help Radio stations make their case with Congressional offices for cosponsoring HR 3413, the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act.  

Each Handout Includes:

  • A Texas EAS Plan map showing which EAS regions rely on an AM Radio station as a Local Primary station responsible for disseminating EAS alerts to other stations in their region.
  • A list of the four Texas AM Radio stations possessing “battle-hardened” Primary Entry Point (PEP) facilities funded by the federal government to ensure that a Presidential emergency message can reach 90% of Americans in one minute.  There are 70 nationwide.
  • A map of Texas showing AM Radio station coverage areas and listenership statewide, as well as by DMA.
  • A map of the Congressional district listing the number of AM Radio stations and describing the kind of programming aired, with station coverage areas overlaid on the district boundaries.
  • A recent example of AM Radio coming to the rescue in a natural disaster.
Handouts Listed by District Number
TX CD 1-Moran TX CD 20-Castro
TX CD 2-Crenshaw TX CD 21-Roy
TX CD 3-Nehls TX CD 22-Nehls
TX CD 4-Fallon TX CD 23-Gonzales
TX CD 5-Gooden TX CD 24-Van Duyne
TX CD 6-Ellzey TX CD 25-Williams
TX CD 7-Fletcher TX CD 26-Burgess
TX CD 8-Luttrell TX CD 27-Cloud
TX CD 9-Green TX CD 28-Cuellar
TX CD 10-McCaul TX CD 29-Garcia
TX CD 11-Pfluger TX CD 30-Crockett
TX CD 12-Granger TX CD 31-Carter
TX CD 13-Jackson TX CD 32-Allred
TX CD 14-Weber TX CD 33-Veasey
TX CD 15-De La Cruz TX CD 34-Gonzalez
TX CD 16-Escobar TX CD 35-Casar
TX CD 17-Sessions TX CD 36-Babin
TX CD 18-Jackson Lee TX CD 37-Doggett
TX CD 19-Arrington TX CD 38-Hunt

Questions?  Contact Oscar Rodriguez or call (512) 322-9944.