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Energy Consulting Services

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TAB is partnering with Gold Patron Associate Member Power Brokers USA to be the Energy Consultant to all TAB Members.

Through the TAB Affinity Power Partner Program, members in deregulated markets for electricity and natural gas will gain FREE access to:

  • Negotiated Competitive Pricing
  • Negotiated Contract Terms & Conditions including Days to Pay
  • Aggregating of Multiple Locations
  • Complete Power Assessment
  • All Tier One Suppliers for Electricity and Natural Gas
  • Ongoing Client Focused Advocacy and Support

These benefits and savings will also extend to TAB Members who may have facilities in one of the other 20-plus states where energy is deregulated.

For TAB Members who are in regulated markets, Power Brokers will offer a FREE Tariff Optimization Review to confirm your facilities are being billed in accordance with the appropriate tariff for your business.

To maximize your savings, Power Brokers believes you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to renew your contracts. There are specific times of the year when prices historically have been at their lowest, Spring and Fall; the transition or shoulder periods. By planning ahead you can take advantage of these and other times when prices fall.

Start a discussion today with Power Brokers to see how they can help you prepare for your next renewal or new construction.
Call Tom Kinser at 1-800-747-7314 or send an email to