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TAB’s Public Education Partnership Program

How does it work?

  • Non-profit & government agencies sponsor public education messages
  • TAB distributes the message to every commercial radio and television station in Texas
  • Broadcasters generously donate airtime to the campaigns and send reporting affidavits to TAB
  • TAB also uses monitoring services to track campaigns
  • TAB compiles and summarizes all reports and provides that summary to sponsors on a monthly basis
  • Sponsors receive documented airtime across the state – at a minimum 3:1 of the fee TAB charges for distribution and documentation
  • PEP funds provide many essential member services
  • By multiplying an agency’s budget, TAB’s PEP program provides statewide coverage of important messages that might otherwise go unseen or unheard

Contact Barbara Rodgers for more information.

Current Campaigns
Campaign Start Date End Date Downloads
Texas Army National Guard

Jul. 10, 2020

Jul. 10, 2020

Apr. 30, 2021

Apr. 30, 2021

TV Spots & Forms (ENG)
TV Spots & Forms (SPAN)

Radio Spots & Forms (ENG)
Radio Spots & Forms (SPAN)

TXDOT Don't Mess with Texas 20-21 Jan. 25, 2021 Mar. 7, 2021

TV & Radio Spots & Forms (ENG & SPAN)

TXDOT Be Safe '21 #1 Jan. 4, 2021 Feb. 14, 2021 TV Spots & Forms (ENG & SPAN)
Radio Spots & Forms (ENG & SPAN)







Lone Star Leaders

TAB annually honors stations who have donated the most to the PEP program – in terms of airtime value and number of spots aired.

View Lone Star Leaders