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Public Service

Texas radio and TV stations mirror the beliefs and culture of the neighborhoods they serve.

Broadcasters are committed to localism and to fulfilling the public’s trust.

The amount of service broadcasters provide 24 hours/day 365 days/year is LIMITLESS.

AMBER Alerts

More than 400 children nationwide have been safely rescued from violent abductors thanks to the AMBER Alert program created by Texas broadcasters in 1997. The program communicates life-saving information to radio and TV audiences in the critical first hours of abduction.

Local News, Community Programming, Sports

Localism is the backbone of community service from farming communities to big cities. When breaking news occurs, listeners and viewers turn first to their local radio and television stations. Texas broadcasters are involved in their communities and are dedicated to covering local news, community programming and area sporting events.

Emergency Warnings

Citizens depend on their local Radio and TV stations for up-to-date information in times of crisis. Whether it’s a hurricane, flood or wildfire, residents all across the Lone Star State turn to their local stations when emergencies arise. Broadcasters relay life-saving information through news programming and the Emergency Alert System.

Political Forums

Texas broadcasters serve as bridges of communication between local officials and their communities. Radio and TV stations are committed to providing the means for lawmakers and candidates to be heard. Broadcasters know the importance of keeping the public informed and educated on pressing political issues.

Charities and Disaster Relief

Broadcasters routinely spearhead efforts to help millions of Texans stricken by disasters such as Hurricanes Ike, Dolly and Rita, in many cases providing the first supplies of fresh water and food to stranded residents. Stations donate millions of dollars in airtime for critical efforts ranging from the restoration of the burned-out Governor’s Mansion and cancer prevention to collecting winter coats and stocking food pantries.

Community Involvement

Broadcasters’ leadership and involvement in community groups provides keen insight into audiences’ pressing needs. Whether serving on boards and volunteering for special causes or reaching out to local schools, broadcasters are tuned in to local communities.

Scholarships, Internships

Texas broadcasters and their related foundations support students who will become the future leaders of our country. The Texas Broadcast Education Foundation annually provides eight scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each to Texas college students. Stations also award scholarships and internships to help students get the valuable experience they need to advance their careers.


When it comes to state-of-the-art technology, broadcasters are on the forefront. Texas stations have spent millions to make the switch to Digital Television and High Definition Radio. Listeners and viewers are getting more channels, clearer sound and crisper video FREE from over-the-air broadcasters.