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Public Service Ascertainment

Each year, TAB documents the value of our broadcasters’ public service to local communities in our advocacy before policymakers in Austin and Washington, DC.

Your responses should include information for ALL of your local community service projects, not just your support for TAB’s PEP campaigns.

Before you begin, note that a separate form must be filled out for each station and the deadline for completing the survey is Thurs., Jan. 3.

Questions? Contact TAB's or call (512) 322-9944.

Step 1

Basic station and contact Information

Step 2

Information for either Section A OR Section B

  • Section A – The total dollar value of public service airtime that ran in 2018 (approximate)


  • Section B – The number of spots and their values aired on a typical day. These numbers will be based on various dayparts and spot lengths:
  1. Dayparts: 5AM-Noon, Noon-6PM, 6PM-Midnight, Midnight-5AM
  2. Spot Lengths: ID or :10-:20, :30, :60
  3. Dollar Values: Per spot length and daypart (approximate)

Step 3

Voter Turnout/Debates/News Coverage

  • Voter Turnout
    1. Approximately how many voter turnout PSAs were aired in 2018?
    2. What is the approximate value of airtime for voter turnout PSAs?
    3. Approximately how many social media posts regarding voter turnout did you share?
  • Debates
    1. Number of debates
      1. Aired
      2. Streamed
    2. Total amount of airtime, in hours
    3. Total amount of streaming,
    4. Approximate value of
      1. Airtime
      2. Digital/social media
      3. Production of debates or town-halls
  • Does this station regularly air local news (Yes/No)?
    1. Approximate number of news stories
    2. Approximate amount of total airtime devoted to campaign and election coverage
    3. Number of townhall meetings aired
    4. Number of stories distributed on digital media, including web, social media, and mobile platforms 

Step 4

Station Contributions by Range of Contributions’ Value or Total Estimated Amount

  • $ amount raised for charities other than hurricane-related efforts (approximate)
  • $ value of airtime and production costs for long-form public service programming (approximate)

Begin the ascertainment