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Public Service Ascertainment

Each year, TAB documents the value of our broadcasters’ public service to local communities in our advocacy before policymakers in Austin and Washington, DC.

The information you provide is instrumental in showcasing the support our Texas broadcasters provide to their communities

Before you begin, note that:

  1. A separate form must be filled out for each station or sub-channel
  2. Responses should include estimates for December activity
  3. Deadline: Tuesday, December 8

Your privacy is important to TAB. No individual station or group information will be released except as noted in the last step.

Questions? Contact TAB's Barbara Rodgers or call 512-322-9944.

Step 1: Basic Station and Contact Information
Step 2: Airtime Donated
  • What is the total dollar amount of public service airtime invoiced in 2020 for the station listed above?
Step 3: Station Contributions
  • Annual amount raised for charities (other than reported in Step 2)?
  • Annual value of airtime and production cost for long-form public service programming?
Step 4: Pandemic Coverage
  • How much airtime (outside of regularly scheduled newscasts) did you devote to informing the community about the pandemic?
  • How much airtime did you provide to help local businesses during the pandemic?
  • How much airtime did you provide for charitable activities such as food/fan/school supply drives, pet adoptions, fundraisers, etc.
  • How much did you invest in efforts (aside from airtime) to help local businesses during the pandemic?
Step 5: Greatest Impact

Please identify a particular investigative report, charitable cause or community project your station or cluster undertook during 2020 to address a community need or concern and describe its success or impact on your community. You may attach a PDF, photos or audio/video clips encompassing your answer. 

Note that this example may be highlighted in our report to lawmakers, unlike the data requested above which will only be presented in aggregate form on behalf of all Texas stations.

Begin the ascertainment