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Posted Title/Position City Category
11-14-2019 Weekend Meteorologist/MMJ Abilene Television
11-13-2019 Account Executive Sherman Television
11-13-2019 Latino 102.7 Board Operator (PT) Austin Radio
11-13-2019 Sales Promotion Coordinator Austin Radio
11-13-2019 Account Executive Austin Television
11-13-2019 Sales Promotion Coordinator Austin Radio
11-13-2019 Board Operator - Latino 102.7 (PT) Austin Radio
11-12-2019 Data Journalism Fellow Houston Television
11-12-2019 MMJ Reporter Lubbock Television
11-12-2019 Photographer/Editor Houston Television
11-12-2019 Creative Services Videographer/Editor Abilene Television
11-12-2019 Account Executive Paris Radio
11-11-2019 Reporter Producer Denison Television
11-08-2019 Digital Sales Specialist Weslaco Television
11-07-2019 Production/Programming Center Radio
11-07-2019 Digital News Producer Abilene Television
11-07-2019 Commercial Production Staff Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
11-06-2019 Promotions-Administration Assistant Austin Radio
11-06-2019 Account Executive Abilene Television
11-06-2019 National Account Manager Dallas Television
11-06-2019 National Sales Manager Dallas Television
11-05-2019 Operations Coordinator Temple Television
11-05-2019 Account Executive Dallas Television
11-05-2019 General Sales Manager Dallas Television
11-05-2019 Digital Content Manager Abilene Television
11-05-2019 Reporter/MSJ Dallas Television
11-05-2019 Production Supervisor - 008294 Dallas Television
11-05-2019 Account Executive Wichita Falls Television
11-04-2019 Producer Houston Television
11-04-2019 News Producer Abilene Television
11-01-2019 Web Producer Houston Television
11-01-2019 Board Op Houston - Galveston Radio
11-01-2019 MSJ/Anchor Midland-Odessa Television
11-01-2019 Newscast Director San Antonio Television
11-01-2019 KPLX-FM Morning Show On-Air Host Dallas Radio
10-31-2019 Receptionist/Accounting Assistant Austin Television
10-30-2019 Marketing Sales Manager Abilene Television
10-30-2019 Business Manager Abilene Television
10-30-2019 News Assignment Editor Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
10-30-2019 Digital Sales Assistant Abilene Television
10-30-2019 Marketing Associate Abilene Television
10-30-2019 Sales Assistant TEMP laredo Television
10-29-2019 Do You Want Radio Station Ownership? Athens Radio
10-29-2019 Weekend Anchor/Weekday Reporter Weslaco Television
10-29-2019 Executive Producer Digital Weslaco Television
10-29-2019 Sports Reporter/Anchor Amarillo Television
10-29-2019 Morning News Reporter El Paso Television
10-29-2019 Digital Sales Manager Irving Radio
10-28-2019 Sr. Manager - News and Content Houston Television
10-28-2019 Brands Manager Austin Television
10-28-2019 Investigative Reporter Austin Television
10-28-2019 Graphic Artist Austin Television
10-28-2019 Outside Sales Houston - Galveston Radio
10-28-2019 Assistant News Director / Assignment Manager Waco Television
10-25-2019 Outside Account Executive Bryan - College Station Radio
10-25-2019 Accounting Supervisor Lubbock Television
10-24-2019 Texas Eats Producer San Antonio Television
10-24-2019 SA Live Trainee San Antonio Television
10-23-2019 Bilingual Sports Anchor/MMJ Weslaco Television
10-22-2019 News Anchor San Angelo Television
10-22-2019 Weekend Anchor/Reporter San Angelo Television
10-22-2019 Part-Time Marketing Assistant Austin Radio
10-22-2019 Senior Solutions Consultant 8178 Dallas Television
10-22-2019 News Reporter Abilene Television
10-21-2019 Local/Regional Sales Manager Odessa Television
10-21-2019 Marketing Consultant Austin Television
10-21-2019 KUT Digital Producer Austin Radio
10-21-2019 Executive Producer El Paso Television
10-17-2019 Creative Services Videographer Sherman Television
10-16-2019 Technical Director/Video Editor Weslaco Television
10-16-2019 Morning Drive Street Reporter (Full Time) Dallas Radio
10-16-2019 National Sales Assistant Beaumont Television
10-16-2019 Receptionist Beaumont-Port Arthur Radio
10-16-2019 Weekend Director Sherman Television
10-16-2019 News Producer Austin Television
10-16-2019 News Video Editor Austin Television
10-16-2019 Assignment Editor Austin Television
10-16-2019 Various Positions - Fox TV Stations Austin Television
10-16-2019 Anchor/Producer Austin Television
10-16-2019 Account Executive Austin Television
10-16-2019 Maintenance Engineer Austin Television
10-15-2019 News Production Assistant (Full Time) Austin Television
10-15-2019 Account Executive Kerrville Radio
10-15-2019 IT/Engineer Wichita Falls Television
10-15-2019 Account Manager Dallas Television
10-14-2019 Senior Account Executive Lufkin Television
10-14-2019 Research Director Tyler Television
10-11-2019 Morning Show Host Sulphur Springs Radio
10-10-2019 Integrated Marketing Solutions Consultant (1003) McAllen Radio
10-10-2019 Integrated Marketing Solutions Consultant (1002) McAllen Radio
10-09-2019 Photographer Houston Television
10-09-2019 Producer Houston Television
10-09-2019 Consumer Reporter Houston Television
10-09-2019 Part-Time Production Technician Houston Television
10-09-2019 Reporter Houston Television
10-09-2019 Part-Time Producer Austin Radio
10-09-2019 Promotions Event Support PT San Antonio Radio
10-08-2019 Broadcast Supervisor - 008065 Beaumont Television
10-08-2019 Marketing Producer - 008063 Beaumont Television
10-08-2019 Broadcast Engineer - 008062 Beaumont Television
10-08-2019 Account Executive - 008061 Beaumont Television
10-08-2019 News Producer - 008046 Beaumont Television
10-08-2019 Multiskilled Journalist - 008052 Beaumont Television
10-08-2019 Visual Storyteller - 008051 Beaumont Television
10-08-2019 KUT KUT/X Accountant II Austin Radio
10-07-2019 Sales Assistant Abilene Television
10-07-2019 Newscast Director San Antonio Television
10-07-2019 Spanish-language Multi-Media Journalist Lubbock Television
10-07-2019 Sports/News Multi-Media Journalist Lubbock Television
10-07-2019 Associate Producer Lubbock Television
10-04-2019 Director of Sales Austin Television
10-04-2019 KCBD News Producer Lubbock Television
10-04-2019 Arts Reporter/Digital Producer Dallas Radio
10-04-2019 Weekend Meteorologist/Reporter Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
10-04-2019 Account Executive San Angelo Television
10-02-2019 News Producer Weslaco Television
10-02-2019 Bilingual News Producer Weslaco Television
10-02-2019 Digital Sales Coordinator Austin Television
10-01-2019 Part Time News Editor Weslaco Television
10-01-2019 News Photographer Weslaco Television
09-30-2019 Commercial Producer Dallas Radio
09-30-2019 Morning Show Producer Dallas Television
09-26-2019 Digital Content Producer Dallas Television
09-26-2019 Master Control Operator El Paso Television
09-25-2019 Part Time On-Air Personality Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
09-25-2019 News Photographer San Antonio Television
09-25-2019 Marketing Solutions Strategist Dallas Television
09-25-2019 Digital Marketing Consultant San Antonio Television
09-25-2019 Digital Content Producer Lubbock Television
09-24-2019 Executive Producer Daybreak Dallas Television
09-24-2019 Marketing Associate Austin Television
09-24-2019 Director of Technology Wichita Falls Television
09-24-2019 Broadcast Engineer San Antonio Radio
09-24-2019 Activations Technician Austin Radio
09-23-2019 General Manager Houston Television
09-23-2019 Account Executive Houston Radio
09-23-2019 Board Operator PT San Antonio Radio
09-20-2019 Creative Services Producer Amarillo Television
09-19-2019 Sales Manager / Account Executives Paris Radio
09-19-2019 Digital Account Coordinator Dallas Radio
09-19-2019 Digital Content Mgr Dallas Radio
09-19-2019 KCEN Account Manager Temple Television
09-19-2019 KCEN Account Manager Temple Television
09-19-2019 Multimedia Journalist San Antonio Television
09-18-2019 Sales Support Dallas Radio
09-18-2019 News Photographer Amarillo Television
09-18-2019 News Photographer Beaumont Television
09-18-2019 Football Broadcast Engineer Dripping Springs Radio
09-18-2019 Multi Media Journalist Beaumont Television
09-17-2019 Sales Assistant Victoria Television
09-17-2019 Multimedia Video Journalist Austin Television
09-16-2019 Account Executive San Antonio Radio
09-16-2019 Bilingual Account Executive San Antonio Radio
09-16-2019 Alpha Digital/On-Air Content Host and Producer San Antonio Radio
09-16-2019 KZDC Digital & On-Air Content Producer San Antonio Radio
09-16-2019 KTFM Digital and On-Air Content Producer San Antonio Radio
09-16-2019 Promotions Technician San Antonio Radio
09-16-2019 HR/Office Manager/Accounting Assistant San Antonio Radio
09-14-2019 Part Time On-Air Montgomery Radio
09-13-2019 Marketing Director Austin Radio
09-13-2019 Telemundo Austin News Producer (Bilingual) Austin Television
09-13-2019 Broadcast Engineer El Paso Television
09-13-2019 Marketing Consultant McAllen Radio
09-13-2019 Director of Sales - Music Stations Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
09-12-2019 Production Assistant (Part-time) Austin Television
09-12-2019 Marketing Consultant McAllen Radio
09-12-2019 Producer Wichita Falls Television
09-11-2019 Morning Drive Producer Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
09-11-2019 Radio Account Executive Corpus Christi Radio
09-11-2019 Executive Producer of Innovation Dallas Television
09-10-2019 Director of Innovation Dallas Television
09-10-2019 Morning Dirve Producer Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
09-10-2019 Board Op Houston - Galveston Radio
09-09-2019 Seeking Experienced Salesperson Tyler Radio
09-09-2019 Senior Account Executive Austin Television
09-09-2019 Production/Programming Center Radio
09-06-2019 Morning News Anchor Austin Television
09-06-2019 Assignment Editor Austin Television
09-06-2019 Marketing Consultant San Antonio Television
09-06-2019 KKBQ- Afternoon On-Air Talent- Houston Houston Radio
09-05-2019 Studio Production Associate Mt. Pleasant Radio
09-05-2019 News Producer Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
09-05-2019 Production Assistant Austin Television
09-04-2019 Morning Show Host Mt. Pleasant Radio
09-04-2019 Board Op/Engineer (High School Football) Dripping Springs Radio
09-04-2019 KCBD Weekend Morning Anchor/MMJ Lubbock Television
09-04-2019 Account Executive Somos El Valle Weslaco Television
09-04-2019 National Sales Account Coordinator Houston Television
09-04-2019 Morning Show Host Paris Radio
09-03-2019 Full Time Programming Position Available Huntsville Radio
09-03-2019 Account Executive Corpus Christi Television
09-03-2019 Traffic Anchor/Reporter San Antonio Television
09-03-2019 Anchor/Producer/Reporter Victoria Television
09-03-2019 Digital Multimedia Journalist/Reporter Victoria Television
09-03-2019 Weekend News Anchor/Producer/Reporter Victoria Television
08-30-2019 Content Editor Dallas Television
08-30-2019 Telemundo Account Executive Waco Television
08-29-2019 Promotions Assistant Fort Worth Radio
08-29-2019 KCBD Account Executive Lubbock Television
08-29-2019 Master Control Operator Amarillo Television
08-29-2019 Sales Account Executive Austin Radio
08-28-2019 Political Content Producer/Coordinator Dallas Television
08-28-2019 Regional Digital Sales Manager San Antonio Television
08-28-2019 Associate Producer San Antonio Television
08-28-2019 Sports Anchor/Reporter Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
08-28-2019 Overnight News Editor El Paso Television
08-28-2019 Account Coordinator Austin Television
08-27-2019 General Assignment Reporter San Antonio Television
08-27-2019 Production Manager/APC San Antonio Television
08-26-2019 Photographer San Antonio Television
08-26-2019 Board Operator PT San Antonio Radio
08-22-2019 Commercial Producer Dallas Radio
08-22-2019 Part-Time Air Talent/Board Operator Dallas Radio
08-22-2019 Part-time Promotion Assistant – La Grande 107.5 Dallas Radio
08-22-2019 Part-time Promotion Assistant Dallas Radio
08-22-2019 Full-time Programming Positions—La Grande 107.5 Dallas Radio
08-22-2019 Part-time Programming Positions – La Grande 107.5 Dallas Radio
08-22-2019 Account Executive (Dallas): Dallas Radio
08-22-2019 Entry-Level Account Executive Dallas Radio
08-21-2019 Football play-by-play announcer Austin Radio
08-21-2019 Photojournalist Lubbock Television
08-21-2019 ALT 103.7 (KVIL) On-Air Talent Dallas Radio
08-21-2019 ALT 103.7 Full-Time On-Air Talent (KVIL) Dallas Radio
08-21-2019 Digital Content Producer San Antonio Television
08-21-2019 Outside Sales Account Executive Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
08-21-2019 Intregrated Marketing Solutions Consultant Laredo Television
08-21-2019 Engineer Asst. LAREDO Television
08-20-2019 PT Board Operator Dallas Radio
08-20-2019 Creative Services Producer Lubbock Television
08-20-2019 Newscast Director Amarillo Television
08-20-2019 Account Executive Austin Television
08-20-2019 Account Executive Tyler Radio
08-16-2019 Account Executive San Antonio Radio
08-16-2019 Multimedia Journalist Lubbock Television
08-15-2019 Digital Content Producer Midland-Odessa Television
08-15-2019 Weekend Morning Producer Dallas Television
08-15-2019 Account Executive Dallas Television
08-15-2019 Business Deveopment Specialist AE Dallas Television
08-13-2019 Broadcast News Producer Amarillo Television
08-13-2019 Anchor/Reporter San Angelo Television
08-26-2015 Radio Sales Kerrville Radio