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Posted Title/Position City Category
04-21-2017 Special Proj./Investigative Producer (TEMP) Houston Television
04-20-2017 News Assignment Manager Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
04-20-2017 Full-time On-Air Radio Host/News Director Corpus Christi Radio
04-20-2017 KBTX TV Evening Anchor Bryan Television
04-20-2017 KBTX TV Local Sales Manager Bryan Television
04-20-2017 KBTX TV National Sales Assistant Bryan Television
04-20-2017 General Assignment Reporter Austin Television
04-20-2017 Part-Time Producer/Announcer - KROX Austin Radio
04-20-2017 Part-Time Producer/Announcer Austin Radio
04-20-2017 Digital Investigative Journalist Austin Television
04-19-2017 MARKETING & SALES ASSISTANT Greenville Radio
04-18-2017 News Producer/Reporter/Anchor Dallas Radio
04-18-2017 Master Control Operator Beaumont Television
04-18-2017 National Sales Coordinator Corpus Christi Television
04-18-2017 Reporter Houston Television
04-18-2017 Ops/Air Center Radio
04-17-2017 Office Manager Pittsburgh Radio
04-17-2017 KTSA Radio Reporter/ Anchor San Antonio Radio
04-17-2017 Graphic Artist Houston Television
04-17-2017 Creative Services Director Houston Television
04-17-2017 Digital News Producer Amarillo Television
04-17-2017 News Anchor/Repoter Amarillo Television
04-17-2017 Various Positions Austin Television
04-14-2017 Meteorologist/Reporter Denison (GRAYSON) Television
04-14-2017 Photographer, MMJ Wichita Falls Television
04-14-2017 Account Manager AE Bryan Radio
04-13-2017 Executive Producer Houston Television
04-13-2017 Executive Producer Houston Television
04-13-2017 Graphic Designer Dallas Television
04-13-2017 Associate Producer/Writer Dallas Television
04-13-2017 Engineer Assistant McAllen Radio
04-13-2017 Digital Sales Coordinator Dallas Television
04-13-2017 Technical Director Dallas Television
04-13-2017 Multi-media Journalist Dallas Television
04-12-2017 Account Executive Austin Radio
04-12-2017 Bilingual Account Executive Austin Radio
04-12-2017 Sales Assistant Austin Radio
04-12-2017 Assistant Business Manager San Antonio Television
04-11-2017 Technical Director Dallas Television
04-11-2017 Director of Digital Content Austin Radio
04-11-2017 Account Executive Abilene Television
04-11-2017 Part Time Board Op Houston Radio
04-11-2017 Account Executive for the Dallas Market Dallas Radio
04-10-2017 National Account Executive Arlington Radio
04-10-2017 Sales Assistant/Receptionist Abilene Television
04-07-2017 Digital Sales Manager Beaumont Television
04-07-2017 Editor Beaumont Television
04-07-2017 Morning Show/PD Kerrville Radio
04-07-2017 Account Executive Lubbock Television
04-06-2017 Account Executive DAL 17-01 Dallas Radio
04-06-2017 Reporter/MMJ Wichita Falls Television
04-06-2017 KFOX14 Morning News Reporter El Paso Television
04-06-2017 KFOX14 Investigative Reporter El Paso Television
04-06-2017 Sports Radio 610 Special Event Assistant Houston Radio
04-06-2017 Afternoon Drive Opening at KSBJ in Houston Humble Radio
04-05-2017 Web Producer - Part Time Houston Television
04-05-2017 Producer Beaumont Television
04-04-2017 Senior Content Manager Houston Television
04-04-2017 Creative Services Producer Amarillo Television
04-04-2017 Digital Producer Abilene Television
04-04-2017 News Reporter WESLACO Television
04-03-2017 Account Executive Abilene Television
03-31-2017 Local Sales Manager Amarillo Television
03-31-2017 Media Campaign Specialist Houston Radio
03-31-2017 News Producer Austin Television
03-31-2017 Associate Producer/Writer Dallas Television
03-31-2017 Marketing Consultant Beaumont Television
03-30-2017 Technical Director Dallas Television
03-29-2017 Digital & Broadcast Sales Intern Houston Television
03-29-2017 Anchor/Multi Skilled Journalist San Angelo Television
03-28-2017 Board Operator-Part Time San Antonio Radio
03-28-2017 Board Operator San Antonio Radio
03-28-2017 Marketing Consultant/Sales (Entry Level) Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
03-28-2017 Computer & Internet Specialist Victoria Radio
03-28-2017 Account Representative (Sales) Victoria Radio
03-28-2017 Air Personality (Disc Jockey) Victoria Radio
03-27-2017 Morning Show Co-Host in Fort Worth Fort Worth Radio
03-27-2017 Co-Anchor Lubbock Television
03-27-2017 Multi-Skilled Journalist San Angelo-Abilene Television
03-27-2017 Account Executive San Angelo-Abilene Television
03-27-2017 Multimedia Journalist Amarillo Television
03-24-2017 Sports Director San Angelo Television
03-24-2017 Broadcast Engineer San Angelo Radio
03-24-2017 Master Control Operator San Angelo Television
03-24-2017 New Business Development Sales Manager San Antonio Television
03-23-2017 News Reporter/Anchor (Full-Time) Dallas Radio
03-23-2017 Newscast Director Lubbock Television
03-23-2017 Sales Professional Houston Radio
03-23-2017 Administrative Assistant IRving Radio
03-23-2017 Account Executive Wichita Falls Television
03-23-2017 News Producer Amarillo Television
03-23-2017 Weekend Meteorologist Amarillo Television
03-22-2017 News Anchor/Social Media Specialist Dallas Radio
03-22-2017 Multi-Platform Producer San Angelo-Abilene Television
03-22-2017 Assignments Manager Tyler Television
03-22-2017 Altitude Sales Coordinator Dallas Radio
03-22-2017 Local Sales Assistant Austin Television
03-22-2017 Anchor/Reporter San Antonio Television
03-22-2017 Photographer Corpus Christi Television
03-22-2017 Production Assistant/Master Control Operator Denison Television
03-22-2017 Production Assistant San Angelo-Abilene Television
03-22-2017 Broadcast Engineer San Angelo-Abilene Television
03-22-2017 Master Control Operator San Angelo-Abilene Television
03-22-2017 Sales Assistant/Receptionist San Angelo-Abilene Television
03-22-2017 Sports Director San Angelo-Abilene Television
03-21-2017 Master Control Operator Lubbock Television
03-21-2017 Operations Center Radio
03-21-2017 Marketing Producer Wichita Falls Television
03-21-2017 News Photographer Abilene Television
03-20-2017 Outside Account Executive Waco-Kelleen-Temple Radio
03-17-2017 Graphic Designer Beaumont Television
03-17-2017 Traffic Coordinator/Receptionist Tyler-Longview Radio
03-17-2017 Sales Executive Tyler-Longview Radio
03-16-2017 Morning News Anchor Sherman Television
03-16-2017 Reporter/Photographer Lubbock Television
03-15-2017 Branding Producer Houston Television
03-15-2017 Board Operator Irving Radio
03-15-2017 Account Representative Victoria Television
03-15-2017 Outside Account Executive - 100 % Commission Waco-Kelleen-Temple Radio
03-15-2017 Reporter/Video Journalist Midland Television
03-15-2017 News Producer Midland Television
03-14-2017 Traffic Director - West Texas Midland Radio
03-14-2017 Account Executive-Sherman Texas SHERMAN Radio
03-14-2017 On Air Position SHERMAN Radio
03-13-2017 Regional National Sales Assistant Austin Television
03-13-2017 News Photojournalist San Antonio Television
03-13-2017 Associate Producer El Paso Television
03-13-2017 Morning Executive Producer Dallas Television
03-13-2017 Copy Coordinator Amarillo Television
03-13-2017 Morning Meteorologist Abilene Television
03-13-2017 Various Positions Austin Radio
03-12-2017 Audience Engagement Specialist, News & Public Affairs AUSTIN Television
03-12-2017 Associate Producer, Digital Media AUSTIN Television
03-10-2017 Traffic Manager Lubbock Television
03-10-2017 News Producer Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen,TX Television
03-10-2017 Chief Engineer Baton Rouge Television
03-10-2017 Promotions Producer Austin Television
03-10-2017 KCBD News Director Lubbock Television
03-10-2017 Reporter MMJ Tyler Television
03-10-2017 Meteorologist Denison Television
03-09-2017 News Director Lubbock Television
03-09-2017 Master Control Operator Beaumont Television
03-09-2017 Multi-media Journalist Dallas Television
03-09-2017 Editor - PT Dallas Television
03-09-2017 Weekend Managing Editor Dallas Television
03-09-2017 Graphic Designer Austin Television
03-09-2017 Sales Coordinator Dallas Television
03-09-2017 Digital Sales Coordinator Dallas Television
03-08-2017 Spanish Speaking Promotions Assistant-PT San Antonio Radio
03-08-2017 Reporter Lubbock Television
03-08-2017 Promotions Assistant San Antonio Radio
03-08-2017 Accounting Supervisor Lubbock Television
03-08-2017 Promotions Assistant San Antonio Radio
03-06-2017 Vice President Integrated Marketing Solutions El Paso Radio
03-03-2017 Digital Account Executive Corpus Christi Television
03-03-2017 Executive Producer Corpus Christi Television
03-03-2017 Afternoon Drive Host Bryan Radio
03-03-2017 Account Executive Roswell Radio
03-02-2017 Weekend Sports Anchor El Paso Television
03-02-2017 Weekend Anchor/Reporter Market #8 Television
03-01-2017 Sales Position Gainesville Radio
03-01-2017 Public Outreach Specialist Houston Radio
03-01-2017 Marketing & Promotions Coordinator Houston Radio
03-01-2017 Live Events & Experience Coordinator Houston Radio
03-01-2017 Full Time Programming Position Houston Radio
03-01-2017 News Anchor/Repoter Abilene Television
02-28-2017 KTSA Radio Traffic Reporter San Antonio Radio
02-28-2017 Program/Music Director San Angelo Radio
02-28-2017 Marketing Consultant San Antonio Television
02-27-2017 Continuity Director - CBS Radio Houston Houston Radio
02-27-2017 Reporter Houston Radio
02-27-2017 Multi-media Journalist San Antonio Television
02-27-2017 Multi-Media Journalist Corpus Christi Television
02-27-2017 Evening Bureau Reporter Waco Television
02-27-2017 Multi-Medita Content Producer: KLBJ-AM Austin Radio
02-24-2017 News Photographer Austin Television
02-24-2017 Digital Curator San Antonio
02-24-2017 SALES PROFESSIONALS Austin Radio
02-23-2017 Weather Anchor Lubbock Television
02-23-2017 Morning meteorologist Lubbock Television
02-23-2017 Lead IT Engineer Beaumont Television
02-22-2017 Part-time Event Suite Host/Promotions Assistant Dallas Radio
02-22-2017 Sales Account Executive El Paso Television
02-21-2017 News Production Assistant (Part-Time) Austin Television
02-21-2017 North Texas Sales Manager Childress Radio
02-21-2017 Account Executive Abilene Television
02-17-2017 Account Executive Midland Television
02-16-2017 Social Media Specialist Irving Radio
02-16-2017 DJ - Announcer Houston - Galveston Radio
02-16-2017 Research / Programming Analyst Houston Television
02-16-2017 Director/Technical Director Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
02-15-2017 Board Operator Austin Radio
02-15-2017 KCEN Multi-Content Editor Temple Television
02-15-2017 Bilingual Producer/Board Operator (PT) Austin Radio
02-15-2017 Producer: KLBJ-AM (PT) Austin Radio
02-15-2017 Part-Time Board Op Houston - Galveston Radio
02-14-2017 Part Time Promotions Assistant Houston Radio
02-14-2017 Associate News Producer Abilene Television
02-14-2017 KCEN Broadcast Engineer Temple Television
02-13-2017 Sales Executive - KFMK Austin Radio
02-13-2017 Local Sales Manager Abilene Television
02-13-2017 Brand Integration Specialist Dallas Radio
02-13-2017 Public Outreach Specialist/Account Executive Dallas Radio
02-13-2017 Board Operator San Antonio Radio
02-13-2017 On Air Talent Dallas Radio
02-13-2017 Technical Operations Manager Dallas Television
02-13-2017 Outside Sales Account Executive Dallas Radio
02-13-2017 Digital Fundraising Manager Austin Television
02-10-2017 Master Control Operator Amarillo Television
02-10-2017 Designer, Sound Dallas Television
02-10-2017 Multi-media Journalist Dallas Television
02-10-2017 Editor - PT Houston Television
02-10-2017 Sales Assistant Austin Radio
02-10-2017 Digital Content Manager Bryan
02-10-2017 KAGS Anchor/Multi-Skilled Journalist Bryan Television
02-10-2017 News Specialist Wichita Falls Television
02-09-2017 Assignment Desk Intern Houston Television
02-09-2017 Non-Linear Edit Intern Houston Television
02-09-2017 Community Affairs Intern Houston Television
02-09-2017 Sales Operations Supervisor Dallas Television
02-09-2017 Technical Director Beaumont Television
02-09-2017 Co-Anchor Beaumont Television
02-09-2017 Asst. Chief Engineer Beaumont Television
02-09-2017 Account Executive WESLACO Television
02-08-2017 Chief Engineer Lubbock Radio
02-08-2017 Account Executive Lubbock Television
02-08-2017 Account Executive Dallas Radio
02-07-2017 Production and Programming Support San Antonio Radio
02-07-2017 News Anchor WESLACO Television
02-07-2017 TV News Reporter WESLACO Television
02-07-2017 Radio Advertising Acct Exec Greenville Radio
02-07-2017 Account Executive-Sherman Texas SHERMAN Radio
02-07-2017 Account Executive-Waco, Texas WACO Radio
02-07-2017 Account Executive-Brownwood TX WACO Radio
02-06-2017 Receptionist (Part Time) Dallas Radio
02-06-2017 Promotions Team San Antonio Radio
02-06-2017 News Anchor/Social Media Specialist Dallas Radio
02-06-2017 Sales person San Antonio Radio
02-06-2017 Producer, News Dallas Television
02-04-2017 On- Air/ Part-time Sales Center Radio
02-03-2017 Sales Assistant Abilene Television
02-03-2017 Account Executive Beaumont Television
02-03-2017 Various Positions Dallas Radio
02-02-2017 Executive Producer Amarillo Television
02-02-2017 Morning News Anchor/Reporter Austin Television
02-01-2017 Lead Generation Specialist Dallas Television
02-01-2017 Digital Producer Dallas Radio
02-01-2017 Digital Media Specialist Houston Radio
01-31-2017 Various Positions Austin Television
01-31-2017 Operations Manager Dallas Radio
01-31-2017 Live Events & Experience Coordinator Dallas Radio
01-31-2017 Promotions Assistant Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
01-31-2017 Board Operator Dallas Radio
01-30-2017 Account Executive DENISON Television
01-30-2017 Reporter/Producer Denison Television
01-30-2017 Engineer Services Amarillo Radio
01-30-2017 News Specialist Wichita Falls Television
01-30-2017 Digital Operations Specialist Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
01-30-2017 Account Executive Houston Radio
01-27-2017 Graphic Designer Austin Television
01-27-2017 Part Time On-Air Host (Weekends/Fill In) Dallas Radio
01-27-2017 Various Positions Houston Radio
01-27-2017 Station Traffic Specialist Houston Television
01-27-2017 TV News Line Producer El Paso Television
01-26-2017 WBAP/KLIF-AM Board Operator (Part-Time) Dallas Radio
01-26-2017 Sales Professional Wichita Falls Radio
01-26-2017 Full Time Production Assistant Beaumont Television
01-26-2017 Multi-media Journalist Houston Television
01-26-2017 Anchor/Reporter/Producer DENISON Television
01-25-2017 News Reporter WESLACO Television
01-25-2017 Radio Account Executive McAllen Radio
01-25-2017 Sales Assistant Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
01-24-2017 Account Executive (URHOU17-03 (2 FT) Houston Radio
01-24-2017 Sales Coordinator Dallas Television
01-24-2017 Director San Antonio Television
01-24-2017 Marketing Producer Corpus Christi Television
01-24-2017 Digital News Producer Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
01-24-2017 Meteorologist San Antonio Television
01-24-2017 Account Executive Sherman Radio
01-23-2017 Promotions Assistant Part Time Dallas Radio
01-23-2017 News Anchor/Reporter Part Time Dallas Radio
01-18-2017 General Sales Manager Amarillo Television
01-18-2017 News Editor Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen,TX Television
01-17-2017 Asst. News Director Dallas Television
01-17-2017 Executive Producer El Paso Television
01-17-2017 On-Air Talent Houston Radio
01-16-2017 Radio Account Executive Lubbock Radio
01-16-2017 94.9 KLTY Weekend Air Shift Dallas - Fort Worth Radio
01-16-2017 Local Sales Manager San Antonio Television
01-16-2017 National Sales Asst. Dallas Radio
01-12-2017 Weekend News Producer/Associate Producer El Paso Television
01-12-2017 Various Positions Bryan - College Station Television
01-12-2017 Traffic Assistant Dallas Radio
01-12-2017 Various Positions Austin Television
01-12-2017 Executive Producer El Paso Television
01-10-2017 Digital Sales Specialist Beaumont Television
01-10-2017 National/Regional Sales Assistant Beaumont Television
01-10-2017 Producer Dallas Television
01-10-2017 Multimedia Journalist San Antonio Television
01-09-2017 Preditor/MMJ Dallas Television
01-05-2017 National/Regional Sales Asst. Beaumont - Port Arthur Television
01-05-2017 Digital Sales Specialist Beaumont - Port Arthur Television
01-05-2017 Part Time Board Op Houston - Galveston Radio
01-04-2017 Local Sales Manager Lubbock Television
01-04-2017 Newscast Director Lubbock Television
01-04-2017 Sales Assistant Beaumont - Port Arthur Television
01-04-2017 Front Desk Receptionist San Antonio Television
12-30-2016 Agency Data Coordinator San Antonio Radio
12-30-2016 Board Operator San Antonio Radio
12-28-2016 Associate Producer Dallas Television
12-28-2016 Anchor/Producer Spanish Fluent Lubbock Television
12-27-2016 Engineer – CBS Radio Dallas Dallas Radio
12-27-2016 NEWS PRODUCER Austin Television
12-27-2016 NEWS PRODUCER/ASSIGNMENT EDITOR Austin Television
12-27-2016 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Austin Television
12-27-2016 MAINTENANCE ENGINEER Austin Television
12-27-2016 Program Director – Mix 96.5, KHMX-FM Houston Radio
12-27-2016 Program Director – HOT 95-7, KKHH-FM Houston Radio
12-27-2016 Reporter, Multi-Media Journalist, Bilingual Abilene Television
12-16-2016 KFDM-Interactive Content Producer Beaumont - Port Arthur Television
12-06-2016 KBTV_Master Control Operator position Beaumont - Port Arthur Television
12-06-2016 KFDM Photographer Beaumont - Port Arthur Television
12-06-2016 KFDM Producer Beaumont - Port Arthur Television
12-06-2016 Reporter, Multi-Media Journalist Abilene Television
12-05-2016 Digital Sales Manager San Antonio Television
12-05-2016 Local Sales Account Executive Houston Television
12-02-2016 News Director Amarillo Television
12-02-2016 Studio Technician Dallas Television
12-02-2016 Digital Content Development Specialist Dallas Television
12-02-2016 Human Resources Coordinator Dallas Television
12-02-2016 Morning Executive Producer Dallas Television
12-01-2016 Social Media Producer Houston Television
12-01-2016 Master Control Operator Lubbock
12-01-2016 Newscast Director Lubbock Television
12-01-2016 News Producer San Antonio Television
11-30-2016 News Video Editor - PT Houston Television
11-29-2016 Director Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
11-28-2016 Assignment Manager Waco Television
11-28-2016 Producer Waco Television
11-28-2016 News/Content Specialist Waco Television
11-28-2016 Director Waco Television
11-28-2016 Associate Producer Waco Television
11-23-2016 KBTV Master Control Operator position Beaumont - Port Arthur Television
11-23-2016 Photojournalist Lubbock Television
11-22-2016 AUDIO VISUAL TECHNICIAN II - Operator/Engineer Austin TAB Associates and Broadcast Firms
11-22-2016 Multimedia Journalist/Reporter Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen,TX Television
11-22-2016 Weekend Anchor/Multimedia Journalist Abilene Television