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Posted Title/Position City Category
10-25-2016 Local Sales Manager San Antonio
10-25-2016 Part Time Promotions Assistant Houston Radio
10-25-2016 Content Editor Dallas Television
10-25-2016 Sales Assistant Waco Television
10-25-2016 Reporter/MMJ Wichita Falls Television
10-24-2016 Promotions Assistant - $10/hr Fort Worth Radio
10-21-2016 Local Sales Account Executive-TV Houston Television
10-21-2016 Morning News Producer Waco Television
10-21-2016 MMJ/Editor El Paso Television
10-19-2016 NEWS PRODUCER Austin Television
10-19-2016 NEWS PRODUCER/ASSIGNMENT EDITOR Austin Television
10-19-2016 REPORTER Austin Television
10-19-2016 DIRECTOR Austin Television
10-19-2016 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Austin Television
10-19-2016 DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING Austin Television
10-19-2016 KFOX 5PM News Producer El Paso Television
10-18-2016 Digital Sales Manager Austin Television
10-18-2016 Master Control Operator Part-Time Austin Television
10-18-2016 Sales Account Executive Beaumont Television
10-17-2016 Engineer Waco Television
10-17-2016 News Reporter WESLACO Television
10-17-2016 Part Time Spanish Content Translator WESLACO Television
10-17-2016 News Producer Houston Television
10-17-2016 Associate Producer Houston Television
10-17-2016 Project Director, Ready to Learn Austin Television
10-17-2016 Web Developer Austin Television
10-17-2016 MCVT Operator Austin Television
10-17-2016 Master Control Operator Beaumont Television
10-17-2016 Part-Time Programming Bryan-College Station Radio
10-17-2016 Editorial & Content Director, News & Public Affairs Austin Television
10-17-2016 Outside Account Executive - 100% Commission Waco Radio
10-17-2016 Promotions/Social Media/Web Waco-Temple-Killeen Radio
10-17-2016 Client Success Manager Dallas Radio
10-17-2016 Assistant Business Manager Withheld Radio
10-14-2016 Radio Sales Uvalde-Kerrville Radio
10-14-2016 Radio Account Executive McAllen Radio
10-13-2016 Board Operator-Part Time San Antonio Radio
10-13-2016 Master control operator Lubbock Television
10-13-2016 Reporter/Producer/Editor Houston Radio
10-12-2016 Traffic Manager San Antonio Television
10-12-2016 News Producer Beaumont Television
10-12-2016 Producer Waco Television
10-12-2016 Maintenance Engineer Waco Television
10-12-2016 Reporter (Waco) Waco Television
10-12-2016 Reporter (Killeen) Killeen Television
10-11-2016 Development Officer Humble Radio
10-11-2016 Manager, Broadcast Engineering Humble Radio
10-11-2016 Staff Accountant Lubbock Television
10-11-2016 Account Executive-San Angelo Texas San Angelo Radio
10-11-2016 Staff Accountant Lubbock Television
10-10-2016 News Editor Austin Television
10-10-2016 Sales Assistant Corpus Christi
10-10-2016 Morning Show Producer – SportsRadio 610 Houston Radio
10-10-2016 On Air Show Host Houston Radio
10-07-2016 Digital Sales Assistant Tyler Television
10-07-2016 Maintenance Engineer San Antonio Television
10-07-2016 Digital Sales Coordinator Austin Television
10-06-2016 Media and Digital Sales Executive Victoria Radio
10-06-2016 Local AE San Antonio Television
10-06-2016 Host Houston Television
10-06-2016 Newscast Director Amarillo Television
10-06-2016 Newscast Producer Amarillo Television
10-06-2016 Account Executive Dallas Television
10-06-2016 News Producer Midland Television
10-05-2016 Multi-Media Journalist Houston Television
10-05-2016 Operations Manager Big Spring Radio
10-04-2016 Research Analyst Dallas Television
10-04-2016 On Air Talent San Antonio Radio
10-04-2016 Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Austin Television
10-04-2016 Editor/Photographer Austin Television
10-03-2016 Activation Specialists- Part Time Houston Radio
10-03-2016 Jack of All Trades Big Spring Radio
09-30-2016 Digital Producer Dallas Television
09-30-2016 Various Listings Various Markets Radio
09-30-2016 Weekend News Anchor: KLBJ-AM (PT) Austin Radio
09-30-2016 Producer: KLBJ-AM (PT) Austin Radio
09-30-2016 Business Development Specialist Dallas Television
09-30-2016 Accounting Clerk San Antonio Television
09-30-2016 Board Operator P/T Houston Radio
09-29-2016 Associate Producer/Writer Houston Television
09-29-2016 Master Control Supervisior Austin Television
09-29-2016 Assignment Editor Houston Television
09-29-2016 Underwriting/Sales Specialist Austin Radio
09-29-2016 Outside Sales Account Executive Dallas-Fort Worth Radio
09-29-2016 Reporter Lubbock Television
09-29-2016 Copy Coordinator Dallas Television
09-28-2016 Non-Linear Edit Intern Houston Television
09-28-2016 Assignments Desk Intern Houston Television
09-28-2016 Community Affairs Intern Houston Television
09-27-2016 KCEN Meteorologist Eddy Television
09-27-2016 KCEN Digital Content Manager Eddy Television
09-27-2016 KAGS Sports Anchor-MSJ Bryan Television
09-27-2016 KCEN Multi-Skilled Journalist Eddy Television
09-27-2016 Digital Seller Lubbock Television
09-27-2016 Digital Sales Manager Midland Television
09-27-2016 Local Sales Manager Midland Television
09-27-2016 Engineer Needed WACO Radio
09-26-2016 Y100FM Afternoon Drive Air Talent San Antonio Radio
09-26-2016 Account Executive, Job Share Houston Television
09-26-2016 Technical Director / Audio Operator McAllen Television
09-26-2016 News Anchor Beaumont Television
09-26-2016 News Anchor / MMJ - Bilingual Abilene Television
09-26-2016 News Anchor/Reporter (Weekends) San Antonio Television
09-26-2016 Sales Account Executive San Antonio Television
09-26-2016 Program Director Dallas Radio
09-26-2016 Copy Coordinator Amarillo Television
09-26-2016 Operations Tech (Master Control) Austin Television
09-26-2016 Outside Account Executive - 100% Commission Bryan Radio
09-26-2016 Master Control Operator San Antonio Television
09-23-2016 Assistant News Director El Paso Television
09-23-2016 Traffic Assistant El Paso Radio
09-23-2016 Meteorologist/Reporter Wichita Falls Television
09-23-2016 Anchor/Reporter Wichita Falls Television
09-22-2016 Social Media Manager Waco Television
09-22-2016 Associate Producer Waco Television
09-22-2016 Coordinating Producer Corpus Christi Television
09-22-2016 Reporter/MSJ Corpus Christi Television
09-22-2016 Account Executive Dallas Television
09-22-2016 National Sales Assistant Dallas Television
09-22-2016 Office Administrator McKinney Radio
09-22-2016 morn prod/board op Beaumont Radio
09-22-2016 sales ninjas Beaumont Radio
09-22-2016 Board Operator Dallas Radio
09-22-2016 Creative Services Director Amarillo Television
09-21-2016 Experienced Sales Pro Mckinney Radio
09-21-2016 Telemundo Austin News Anchor/ Reporter Austin Television
09-21-2016 Digital Content Producer Lubbock Television
09-21-2016 Production Director Tyler Radio
09-21-2016 Promotions Tech Full Time McAllen Radio
09-20-2016 Sales Manager and Marketing Consultant-Waco, TX WACO
09-20-2016 Account Executive Lubbock Television
09-20-2016 Web Developer Austin Television
09-19-2016 IT Manager Houston Radio
09-19-2016 Executive Assistant to the Director of Sales Houston Radio
09-19-2016 Associate Producer Waco Television
09-19-2016 Local Sales Manager (KRHD) Bryan-College Station Television
09-19-2016 Account Executive (KRHD) Bryan-College Station Television
09-19-2016 Account Executive (Killeen) Killeen Television
09-19-2016 News Operations Manager Waco Television
09-19-2016 News Content Specialist Waco Television
09-19-2016 Meteorologist Waco Television
09-19-2016 Webmaster/Digital Operations Open Radio
09-19-2016 Photographer Midland Television
09-19-2016 Digital Sales Specialist– CBS Radio Dallas Dallas Radio
09-19-2016 Account Executive Midland Television
09-19-2016 Reporter/Producer/Editor Houston Radio
09-16-2016 Master control operator Lubbock Television
09-16-2016 Assistant News Content Director Midland Television
09-15-2016 SALES Kerrville Radio
09-15-2016 Spanish Morning Show Host in the Texas Hill Country Kerrville Radio
09-14-2016 P/T Non-Linear Editor Houston Television
09-14-2016 Account Executive Houston Radio
09-14-2016 Phototgrapher/Visual Storyteller Dallas Television
09-14-2016 Radio Account Executive Lubbock Radio
09-14-2016 Master Control Operator San Antonio Television
09-13-2016 Development Assistant Austin Radio
09-13-2016 Account Executive Corpus Christi Radio
09-13-2016 Receptionist MCALLEN Radio
09-13-2016 Interactive Content Publisher MCALLEN Radio
09-13-2016 Master Control Operator MCALLEN
09-13-2016 Multi Media Journalist MCALLEN Television
09-13-2016 News-Web Producer / Assignments Editor MCALLEN Television
09-13-2016 News Producer / Assignments Editor MCALLEN Television
09-13-2016 Integrated Marketing Solutions Consultant MCALLEN Radio
09-13-2016 Creative Services Director Amarillo Television
09-13-2016 Account Executive Beaumont Television
09-12-2016 Sales Promotion Coordinator Austin Television
09-12-2016 Account Executive - Houston, TX Houston Radio
09-12-2016 Web Producer/MMJ Lubbock Television
09-12-2016 Weather Anchor Lubbock Television
09-09-2016 Reporter MMJ Tyler Television
09-09-2016 Photojournalist Lubbock
09-09-2016 KCBD Promotions Producer Lubbock Television
09-09-2016 KCBD Promotion Manager Lubbock Television
09-09-2016 Reporter / Anchor Tyler Television
09-09-2016 Broadcast Digital Account Executive Sherman Television
09-09-2016 Broadcast Maintenance Technician El Paso Television
09-08-2016 Account Executive, Sales Brownsville Television
09-08-2016 Technical Director Corpus Christi, Television
09-08-2016 Sales Professionals Austin Radio
09-08-2016 Senior Sales Assistant Austin Radio
09-08-2016 Radio Sales Acct Exec Greenville Radio
09-08-2016 Marketing and Promotions Director Austin Radio
09-08-2016 Sales Account Executive/Entry-Level Austin Television
09-07-2016 Production/Programming/Air Center Radio
09-07-2016 News Control Audio Mixer Lubbock Radio
09-02-2016 Sales and Programming WACO Radio
09-02-2016 Sales Assistant-iHeartMEDIA San Antonio San Antonio Radio
09-02-2016 Morning Meteorologist Waco Television
09-02-2016 Account Executive (Waco) Waco Television
09-02-2016 Sales Assistant (KRHD) Waco Television
09-02-2016 Account Executive (Killeen) Waco Television
09-02-2016 Reporter MMJ Waco Television
09-02-2016 MCO Waco Television
09-02-2016 10 p.m. Producer Waco Television
09-02-2016 Executive Producer Waco Television
09-02-2016 A.M. Producer Waco Television
09-02-2016 Assignments Manager Waco Television
09-02-2016 Director Waco Television
09-02-2016 General Manager Waco Television
09-02-2016 News Photographer El Paso Television
09-02-2016 Sales Assistant Beaumont Television
09-01-2016 Interactive Director Corpus Christi Television
09-01-2016 Producer Houston Television
09-01-2016 Sales Administrative Manager Austin Radio
09-01-2016 Street Team Austin Radio
09-01-2016 Associate Producer Dallas-Fort Worth Radio
09-01-2016 Traffic Reporter/MMJ Lubbock Television
09-01-2016 Jr. Account Executive Houston Television
09-01-2016 Account Executive DAL 15-09 Dallas Radio
09-01-2016 Account Coordinator San Antonio Television
08-31-2016 Executive Director Austin Radio
08-31-2016 Traffic Assistant Abilene Television
08-30-2016 Producer/Director Dallas Television
08-30-2016 Director of Sales Dallas Television
08-30-2016 Finance Analyst Dallas Radio
08-29-2016 Event Project Manager – CBS Radio Dallas Dallas Radio
08-29-2016 News Photographer San Antonio Television
08-29-2016 Newscast Director Lubbock Television
08-29-2016 Local Sales Manager Beaumont Television
08-29-2016 TALK SHOW HOST Abilene Television
08-26-2016 General Sales Manager- HOU Houston Radio
08-26-2016 Production/Operations Llano Radio
08-26-2016 Reporter/Meteorologist Tyler Radio
08-25-2016 NEWS PRODUCER/ASSIGNMENT EDITOR Austin Television
08-25-2016 PHOTOGRAPHER Austin Television
08-25-2016 REPORTER Austin Television
08-25-2016 Weekend Sports Anchor / Reporter Beaumont Television
08-24-2016 Technical Operations Manager Dallas Television
08-24-2016 Entry Level Account Executive – CBS Radio Dallas Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Account Executive – CBS Radio Dallas Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Full-time Programming Positions - CBS Radio Dallas Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Part-time Promotion Assistants – CBS Radio Dallas Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Part-time Programming Positions – CBS Radio Dallas Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Full-time Programming Positions - KMVK La Grande 107.5 Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Part-time Promotion Assistant Positions –KMVK La Grande 107.5 Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Part-time Programming Positions – KMVK La Grande 107.5 Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Sales Trainee San Antonio Television
08-24-2016 Radio Producer Lubbock Radio
08-24-2016 Chief Photographer El Paso Television
08-24-2016 VP of Sales Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Lead KAC – Sales/Client Support Manager Dallas-Fort Worth Radio
08-24-2016 Part-Time Promotion Asst/ Street Team Member Dallas Radio
08-24-2016 Multi-Platform Producer Beaumont Television
08-24-2016 Investigative Producer Houston Television
08-24-2016 Sports Producer Houston Television
08-23-2016 Production/Operations Mgr Llano Radio
08-22-2016 Media Consultant San Antonio
08-22-2016 Integrated Marketing Account Managers Austin Radio
08-22-2016 PT Remote Broadcast Technician Dallas Radio
08-22-2016 Local Sales Assistant Dallas Television
08-22-2016 News Producer San Antonio Television
08-22-2016 Full Time Morning Show Producer - KHMX-FM Houston Radio
08-22-2016 Local Sales Assistant San Antonio Television
08-22-2016 Digital Sales Manager San Angelo Television
08-19-2016 Multi-Skilled Journalist San Angelo Television
08-19-2016 Morning Producer San Angelo Television
08-17-2016 APC Operator McAllen Television
08-17-2016 Morning Show On-Air Host Dallas-Fort Worth Radio
08-17-2016 Digital Marketing Manager Lubbock Television
08-17-2016 Production/Programming Center Radio
08-17-2016 Alpha Media San Antonio ESPN Football Board-Op San Antonio Radio
08-17-2016 News Producer Beaumont Television
08-17-2016 AP Clerk Houston Television
08-16-2016 Sales Account Executive Ausitn Television
08-16-2016 Local Sales Assistant Amarillo Television
08-16-2016 Associate Producer San Antonio Television
08-15-2016 Assistant News Director Abilene Television
08-15-2016 Digital Sales Coordinator San Antonio Radio
08-15-2016 Investigative Reporter Houston Television
08-15-2016 Promotions Assistant (Part Time) Dallas Radio
08-15-2016 Associate Producer Lubbock Television
08-15-2016 News Editor – News Radio 1080 KRLD Dallas Radio
08-15-2016 Meteorologist – News Radio 1080 KRLD Dallas Radio
08-15-2016 Account Executive Houston Radio
08-15-2016 Part-Time Board Operator Houston Radio
08-15-2016 Commercial Producer Denison Television
08-15-2016 Sales Tyler Radio
08-12-2016 Technical Director El Paso Television
08-12-2016 News Photographer Austin Television
08-12-2016 Master Control Operator Tyler Television
08-12-2016 General Manager Graham Radio
08-10-2016 Digital Executive Producer Houston Television
08-10-2016 National Sales Manager Houston Radio
08-10-2016 Account Executive FORT WOTH Radio
08-10-2016 Control Board Operator San Antonio Radio
08-09-2016 PT Production Assistant Sherman Television
08-09-2016 Master Control Operator Tyler Television
08-08-2016 Receptionist / Accounting Assistant Austin Television
08-08-2016 Weather Anchor/Reporter Lubbock Television
08-08-2016 Marketing Director Dallas-Fort Worth Radio
08-08-2016 Master Control Operator Lubbock Television
08-08-2016 Video Editor Lubbock Television
08-05-2016 Full-Time news Content Specialist Tyler Television
08-04-2016 Regional Executive Vice President of Integrated Marketing Solutions (EVP IMS) McAllen Radio
08-04-2016 Multi-Skilled Journalist* Corpus Christi Television
08-04-2016 News Photographer Rio Grande Valley Television
08-04-2016 Alpha Media San Antonio Board-Op San Antonio Radio
08-04-2016 Radio Promotions Street Team austin Radio
08-04-2016 Program Director Austin Radio
08-04-2016 Board Operator austin Radio
08-04-2016 Technical Director Victoria Television
08-04-2016 Engineer KFMK Austin Radio
08-04-2016 Reporter/Meteorologist Tyler Television
08-04-2016 Alpha Media On-Air Talent-Spanish San Antonio Radio
08-04-2016 Promotion Coordinator Dallas Radio
08-03-2016 News Producer Austin Television
08-03-2016 Managing Editor Dallas Television
08-03-2016 Acct. Payable Coordinator Lubbock Television
08-02-2016 Mutli Media Journalist/TV News Anchor El Paso Television
08-02-2016 KAGS Anchor/Multi-Skilled Journalist Eddy Television
08-02-2016 Houston Life Intern-1 Houston Television
08-02-2016 Multimedia Journalist Austin Television
08-02-2016 KCBD News Producer Lubbock Television
08-02-2016 News Anchor /Producer Abilene Television
08-01-2016 INTERNSHIP Austin Radio
08-01-2016 Account Executive Austin Radio
08-01-2016 Account Executive RnB Austin Radio
08-01-2016 Radio Producer Lubbock Radio
07-28-2016 Local Sales Assistant Austin Television
07-28-2016 Admin - Clerical Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen Television
07-28-2016 Account Executive Corpus Christi Radio
07-28-2016 News Assignment Editor/Digital Content Producer San Antonio Television
07-28-2016 Part-time News Host/Reporter Commerce Radio
07-28-2016 News Photographer Amarillo Television
07-28-2016 Office Administrator McKinney Radio
07-28-2016 Morning Producer Dallas Television
07-28-2016 Bilingual Account Executive Austin Radio
08-26-2015 Radio Sales Kerrville Radio