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Kathrein Broadcast U.S.

Silver Member

Corporate Information

Phone: (541) 879-2304
Fax: (541) 779-3991
5 Cowboys Way
Suite 300-67
Frisco, TX 75034
{United States}

Primary Contact

Mr. Les Kutasi

Phone: (541) 879-2304

About Kathrein Broadcast U.S.

Kathrein Broadcast is made up of Scala, Sira and Kathrein.  We manufacture broadcast and receive antennas for TV and FM.  We can provide turn-key proposals with antenna, line and installation (We have our own crews).  Our strength is broadband antenna systems for TV and FM.  Our power levels can go as high as 200kW for FM combined systems and up to 120kW for TV combined systems.  Our strength is combining low to medium power TV systems and low to high power FM systems. Please contact us so we can put a broadband antenna system design together for your stations.

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