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Dialight Corporation

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Corporate Information

Phone: (469) 426-7488
1501 Route 34 South
Farmingdale, NJ 07727
{United States}
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Primary Contact

Mr. Tom Amador

Phone: (469) 426-7488

About Dialight Corporation

Dialight Corp. is a premier LED innovation company, and an industry leader in the production of energy-saving, sustainable, FAA LED Obstruction Lights for broadcast towers and many other applications,  Dialight is, and has been for many years, a trusted value-add solution provider for radio and television broadcasters of all types and sizes. Dialight's tower lighting LED platform includes the latest Infrared emitters for use at night with Dialight red LEDs, which are FAA approved and comply fully with the latest FAA Obstruction marking and lighting requirements.  With LEDs, the cost savings are tremendous for two main reasons: (1) LED tower lighting uses only a fraction of the power needed to run aging non-LED systems, and (2) maintenance costs are significantly reduced, if not eliminated totally because of the higher quality, reliability, and longer life span (10+ years) of an LED system.  Being first-to-market with an all-LED High Intenstiy FAA Obstruction System OEM for tall broadcast towers in 2011, Dialight now has 12 years of demonstrated positive results installations of our high Intensity LED platform, and has installed many of these new generation LED systems for the top Broadcasters in the U.S., saving them significant maintenace dollars while improving reliability many times over.  Dialight has LED lighting solutions for all types of medium and high intenisty tower lighting applications.  We train and certifiy our installer partners and provide dedicated technical support as well.  We also offer an industry leading 7 year warranty on our medium intensity LED systems when installed by a Dialight certified installer.  Please contact Tom Amador, Regional Sales Manager (South/Southeast Territory), at 469-426-7488 or  Website:

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