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Cobalt Digital Inc.

Silver Member

Corporate Information

2506 Galen Drive
Champaign, IL 61821
United States
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Primary Contact

Mr. Bob McAlpine

Secondary Contact

Mr. Jake Kinsey

About Cobalt Digital Inc.

Cobalt Digital continues to introduce multi-functional card-based & modular signal processing and conversion gear, including: Auto change over, Quint split (NEW!!)- Five screen video processor, SPOTCHECK monitoring and logging over IP ideal for CALM and Closed Captioning compliance, Dolby® transcoding, color correction, fiber Tx/Rx, MPEG-4 encoding, MADI embed/de-embed/DA. The latest 3G/HD/SD-SDI cards offer superior performance and improved density for broadcasting facilities and mobile trucks. Blue Box Group™ range of fiber throw-down modules provide high-quality, price competitive signal conversion. The units, pathologically compatible with OG fiber cards, allow for analog audio embed and de-embed, and provide 3G (1080p59.94/50) support for HDMI models.

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