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Connected Car + NextRadio = Radio’s future

 - Jacobs, Brenner outline Radio’s opportunities on dash, smartphones

The bullet train to the future is speeding across the landscape and radio stations that jump on board are poised to secure their position on smartphones and the new Internet-connected car dashboard as two of the industry’s leading technologists and researchers will outline at the TAB Convention Aug. 6-7.

“Looking at the current forecasts for FM-enabled smartphone sales of 3-5 million units in Q2 2014, we expect by mid-year 2014 to have at least 5 million FM-enabled smartphones in the hands of consumers and continuing to grow,” said Paul Brenner, NextRadio President.

“Broadcasters need to care a lot about this evolution because the first time that a consumer launches NextRadio and hears local FM radio, they will make a choice instantly to either continue using FM radio on their smartphone or switch to an Internet-friendly, visual alternative.”

NextRadio is a hybrid FM radio/Internet smartphone app that delivers a highly interactive radio experience to smartphones. The app geo-positions to a user’s location and lists local stations by format, frequency and with a tuner dial.  Station logos, if uploaded, also display.

The app comes pre-loaded on new Android devices hitting the market from Sprint in stores and online. The recent addition of the HTC One M8 means NextRadio is now available on all wireless carriers. 

List of devices

TagStation is the “engine” that powers NextRadio, enabling radio stations to supplement their broadcast with visual content (album art, station schedule, etc.) and interactive features to facilitate contests, promotions, song preferences and more.

While station logo uploading is free, the visual and interactive features cost stations $35/month and generate the strongest consumer response. 

Details on options

Brenner will be joined at the TAB Convention by industry research guru Paul Jacobs who will delve into his findings of how the auto industry is incorporating new dashboard options for Internet-based audio services and the degree to which they threaten to sweep AM/FM aside.

Jacobs will demonstrate the new systems car manufacturers are adopting, how they’re making those decisions, the competitive market forces at play, and how consumers are responding – and adapting – to the new choices at their fingertips.

He also will show radio stations their key opportunity for ensuring their continued dominance of the car dashboard.

Brenner and Jacobs’ joint presentation is commanding the longest timeslot on the TAB Convention schedule, and delegates will have hands-on time with devices and one-on-one time with NextRadio technologists on the trade show floor. 


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