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Texas Broadcast Calendar Now Available

The 2019 Texas Broadcast Calendar is now available!

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Broadcasters Release 2019 Emergency Alert System Required Monthly Test Schedule

The Primary Entry Point (PEP) stations that originate the Texas EAS RMT have released the 2019 RMT schedule. Stations can review and download the 2019 EAS RMT schedule on the TAB website.

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Golden Mic Club Elects New Officers

The Golden Mic Club Banquet was held on August 1, in conjunction with TAB's 65th Annual TAB Convention and Trade Show.

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TAB Honors Several Stations for Public Service Contributions

Both in service to local communities and influencing major public policy affecting our industry, Texas broadcasters showed up in a BIG way over the past year!

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Holding Local Government Accountable for Open Government

The Texas legal system has had two recent notable developments in a little-enforced or contested area of Texas law – the Texas Open Meetings Act and the Texas Public Information Act.

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FCC Issues Aug. 27 EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) Form One Requirement

The FCC issued notice this month that all EAS participants must file EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) Form One by Aug. 27. While no date for a 2018 national test of EAS has been set, Section 11.61 of the FCC’s rules, EAS Participants must renew their identifying information required by ETRS Form One on a yearly basis.

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FCC Releases Proposed 2018 Regulatory Fees

There was a bright spot in last week’s FCC release of the 2018 Regulatory Fee Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). The NPRM is the proceeding that starts the discussion and formal adoption of the FCC’s annual regulatory fees that are assessed to broadcast licensees.

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TAB introduces Omnia Staffing Profiles

The instant reports can dramatically improve your hiring process, enhance employee motivation and communication, increase retention and support most of your specific developmental initiatives.

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TAB Offers Vast Resources for 2018 Political Season

With the political window for the March 6 primary election opening Jan. 20, member stations should be sure to take advantage of all the resources TAB provides for campaign season advertising, including required disclosure forms, legal guidance and LUR calendars.

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Mayes makes historic gift to scholarship foundation

A lifelong learner who secured advanced degrees in his 70’s and 80s, Wendell Mayes Jr. has witnessed first-hand the soaring, punishing costs of higher education.

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Texas Broadcasters Press Legislators to Restore Texas’ Sunshine Laws

More than 120 local Television and Radio broadcasters from across Texas converged on Austin yesterday, pressing state legislators to restore the Texas Public Information Act’s ability to ensure that Texans know how their tax dollars are being spent and how policy decisions are being made.

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Moody Files Legislation to Make Information in Suspect Custody Deaths Available

Rep. Joe Moody, D-El Paso, is taking another shot at passing a bill allowing more access to law enforcement information in cases in which the suspect or suspects involved died.

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Vertical Bridge Grows Wireless Infrastructure Portfolio to Over 250,000 Sites

Vertical Bridge Holdings, LLC, the largest private owner and operator of communications infrastructure in the United States,…

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Texas’ Public Information Act Shows There’s More than One Way to Shut Down Government

With the partial federal government shutdown claiming most headlines, a series of Texas Supreme Court rulings over the past several years have nearly gutted the state’s Public Information Act and fostered a culture of secret government contracts and secret tax giveaways to non-profit companies doing government business. While not a literal shutdown, the results have clearly shut off Texas taxpayers’ right to know how their elected officials are spending tax dollars.

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Texas Open Records Fights Abound After Bad Court Decisions Close Off Basic Governmental Information

This past week TAB and other members of the Texas Sunshine Coalition met with nearly 90 Texas House of Representatives staffers to brief them on how recent Texas court decisions have created huge loopholes in the Texas Public Information Act.

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