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Legislative session marked by fights over law enforcement records access

The mad dash of the final five weeks of the 2017 Texas Legislature is upon us. One perennial battle under the red granite dome is shaping up on a number of fronts – the effort to close off access to law enforcement related records.

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FCC rules online-only outreach sufficient for EEO compliance

Radio and TV stations can now meet the EEO requirement that job openings be widely disseminated by relying exclusively on online recruiting sources, and no longer must couple such outreach with on-air or print recruiting ads.

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Opposition to Ad Tax grows in Congress

Preserving businesses’ full deductibility of advertising costs in the year they’re incurred is broadcasters’ greatest concern when it comes to federal tax reform, and we’ve found allies in more than 100 members of the House who have gone on record opposing any change to the policy which has been part of the income tax code since it was adopted 114 years ago.

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Nominations open for Bonner McLane Awards

The awards recognize Television and Radio stations’ outstanding contributions and service to their local communities - including news coverage.

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Legislative Day photos now available

Photos from TAB's 2017 Legislative Day conference are now available.

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Texas broadcasting’s top awards open for nominations

The Texas broadcast industry's top awards for individual leadership are now open for nominations.

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TAB Plays Defense on Bills to Erode Reporter Shield and Libel Defense Laws

With just 40 days left in the 85th Texas Legislature, and amid TAB’s efforts to pass an aggressive legislative agenda, TAB is fighting an effort by a Panhandle lawmaker to weaken both the Free Flow of Information Act and current libel defense laws, both of which TAB has had a major hand in enacting or fine-tuning over the past ten years.

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Performance Tax picture gets murkier with new music airplay bill

Two more Texas members of the U.S. House of Representatives have renewed their support for The Local Radio Freedom Act which opposes a New York lawmaker’s effort to force local Radio stations to pay a new performance royalty.

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Where Things Stand – An update on TAB’s 2017 Newsroom Legislative Agenda

With six weeks left in the 85th Texas Legislature, time is running short to get filed House bills heard and voted out of committee before House bill legislative deadlines start to kick in. The Texas legislative process is set up, in many ways, to kill bills rather than pass them. Typically, under a quarter of the bills filed in any session of the Texas Legislature will actually make it to the governor’s desk for action.

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Best Practices: When Race Is an Integral Part of the Story

Eighteen months ago, TAB kicked off the 2015 Southwest Broadcast Newsroom Workshop with a thought-provoking opening session called "Let’s Talk About Race."

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New York Congressman advances Performance Royalty

The international record labels’ top priority – a Congressional mandate forcing local Radio stations to pay a performance royalty – is now working its way through Congress after a New York lawmaker last week filed legislation to make it a reality.

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