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Texas Broadcasters Urged to Put Numbers to Public Service

- Annual TAB Survey Aids State, Federal Advocacy

Local Radio and Television broadcasters do more to serve their local communities than any other players in the media marketplace and TAB’s annual public service research survey, now in its 26th year, conveys the extraordinary value of that service to policymakers in Washington, DC and Austin.

Beginning Nov. 28, stations will have an opportunity to complete the online survey as TAB prepares its advocacy efforts for the coming year, and the more participation from stations, the better, as the final report does not extrapolate for stations that do not respond.

With automakers threatening to remove AM Radio from cars, regulators lagging in advancing policies to help broadcasters compete with unregulated players, and lawmakers allowing Big Tech companies to extend their unfair advantage over local broadcasters and other publishers, it is critically important for our industry to remind policymakers what’s at stake.

Introduced in 1998, the annual survey has since documented more than $6 Billion in public service contributions by Texas broadcasters. In 2022, only 11 percent of stations responded, yielding a documented $137 million in public service contributions.

Stories and the Numbers

While the survey requests specific data, it also provides stations an opportunity to go beyond the numbers and share stories of their 2023 public service efforts that proved most meaningful to their communities.

Stations are invited to submit photos, as well as audio or video content, no longer than 90 seconds highlighting what stations consider to be their best community service project of the year.

Anything related to the devastating ice storm in February, local flooding, the statewide drought and persistent heat dome, or other major events, as well as more routine activities involving local schools, hospitals and other local charitable efforts are just some examples of the work that stations may choose to reflect upon.


The survey is completely electronic, and staff assigned the task of responding can pause during the process without losing data already entered.

After the November 28 launch, non-responding stations will begin receiving weekly reminders until the final deadline of January 5.

The survey will be sent to station GMs or an alternate staff member if they’ve designated one.

Questions? Contact TAB’s Oscar Rodriguez or call (512) 322-9944.

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