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Walking among giants

The names still resonate today….Ray Miller and Jack McGrew, Clint Formby and Rusty Reynolds, Ward Huey and Lady Bird Johnson. These are just a few of the leaders who helped shape Texas broadcasting into the economic and civic force it is today, each gone but still fondly remembered and admired by scores, if not hundreds, of broadcasters.

Nearly 50 broadcast leaders have been named Pioneer of the Year by TAB, and another 26 Broadcaster of the Year.  About half are still living and nearly all were honored and recognized for their contributions to the industry in their lifetimes.

Texas broadcasters have another opportunity to tip their collective hat to the colleagues and mentors who are shaping the industry today as TAB solicits nominations for its prestigious individual leadership awards to be presented at the TAB Annual Convention August 6-7.

Nominations are due May 2. Categories include:

  • Pioneer of the Year
  • Broadcaster of the Year
  • Associate of the Year
  • Steve Pieringer Award for Outstanding Valor in News Coverage
  • George Marti Award for Engineering Excellence (New in 2014)

“The best time to honor someone is when they’re still around to know that their work, their dedication to others really meant something.” 

Those words paraphrase the sentiments that Jason Hightower expressed to me when TAB awarded its first Lifetime Achievement Award to Ann Arnold in 2007.  While Ann lived another five years fighting for broadcasters and against leukemia, Jason lost his battle with brain cancer just months before he was named Broadcaster of the Year in 2009.

I remember how joyful the 2007 Awards Gala was, as well as the tears I shed at the 2009 event.  And, always, I am grateful that we still have the benefit of so many TAB leaders who continue to inspire, lead and serve – like George Marti and John Barger, Tom Perryman and Bill Carter, Jerry Bobo and Jerry Hanszen, Perry Sook and Terry London.

We are fortunate that list is longer still, but must be mindful that life is short.  Take time today to honor those who inspire you to work toward the greater good of our communities and our industry.  Again, nominations are due May 2.

Questions?  Contact TAB's Oscar Rodriguez or call (512) 322-9944.

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