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TagStation cuts price to spur more radio interactivity on NextRadio app

 - 60 million FM-enabled smartphones in 2016

With AT&T, T-Mobile and other carriers slated in 2016 to activate the FM chip in the smartphones they sell, TagStation has made it cheaper than ever for radio stations to increase listener engagement through the industry-developed NextRadio app which allows smartphone owners to listen to local FM radio stations wherever they are without using a data plan or draining the battery.

TagStation is the cloud-based programming and sales content engine which powers the NextRadio interactive experience. The technology allows radio stations to synchronize their radio broadcasts with album artwork, images, text and interactive touch points for visual display in NextRadio. Stations also can build their station promotions, broadcast schedule content and enhance advertising on the app.

TagStation will now cost $10/month per analog FM radio station, and the TagStation set-up fee will be eliminated. The monthly TagStation fees for HD Radio channels will remain at $35/month due to the higher cost of support HD Radio systems, but the set-up fees for HD channels have been eliminated.

Also new are content acceleration teams to assist stations with creating visual and interactive content to deliver the type of rich listening experience consumers expect in the NextRadio app. The service’s research shows radio stations with full TagStation interactivity significantly increases Average Time Spent Listening compared to stations only using the free logo service.

“These changes address the cost concerns raised by broadcasters in smaller markets and take them off the table,” said TagStation President Paul Brenner.

“With 60 million FM-enabled smartphones expected in 2016, next year is going to be a big growth year for NextRadio and the U.S. radio industry. Our research shows that a consistent, interactive NextRadio experience will be critical for supporting new AT&T and T-Mobile FM smartphone owners and for winning other carriers,” he said.

“So now is the time for all radio stations to get on board with TagStation, engage with their listeners in a new way and prepare for the new sales opportunities through NextRadio.”

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Questions? Contact TAB’s Oscar Rodriguez or call (512) 322-9944.

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