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Local direct sales, promotions tips on tap for TAB/SBE 2011

We've got a ton of sales and promotions sessions scheduled for TAB's 58th Annual Convention & Trade Show.

Make plans now to join us at the Renaissance Austin Hotel on Aug. 10-11!

Here's just a sample of what we've got scheduled...

Think Like an Adman, Sell Like a Madman (Local Direct Sales)

This half-day program teaches how to take control of the local direct sale process with million-dollar ideas your clients will want to buy, at rate card, and a simple ROI calculation that motivates clients to triple or quadruple their investment on your station, no matter your rates, ratings, market size or format. 

Learn how to cut through clutter by using headlines that compel local decision makers to return your calls and e-mails, how to draft a proposal that clients want to read, and why your price is the last thing to compromise when trying to attract new business, even in a recession.

Weyland is a world-class speaker, branding, marketing and sales strategist, consultant, trainer, author and university lecturer.

He has made a name for himself speaking to and working in executive level positions in the television and radio business.

Over the years Weyland has shown hundreds of organizations how to cut through the confusion of marketing, reach into the hearts and minds of their customers, close more sales, increase their bottom lines and keep customers for life.


 25 New Clutter-Busting Sales Promotion Ideas

A few things you haven't heard of before (and neither has your competition). 

A few promotions from around the world that set their markets on fire. 

But mostly attention-getting, revenue-generating promotions that will make you look like a hero. 

Harris spent the last 10 months researching and accumulating these success stories, and all you have to do is take notes, adapt them to your station's format, and enjoy the expressions on your clients? faces when you spring these amazing ideas on them.

Download a registration form or call (512) 322-9944 to register over the phone.

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