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H-E-B to sell DTV converter boxes

H-E-B this month announced a statewide awareness initiative to educate customers about the 2009 DTV Transition.

The company also launched its sales of set-top converter boxes and over-the-air antennas.

?It is very important that our customers are educated on and prepared for the national analog to digital conversion and that they understand what it is, what it means to them, what tools they will need, and the benefits,? said Winell Herron, group vice president of public affairs and diversity for H-E-B.

The San Antonio-based company has 300 stores in Texas and northern Mexico.

?I congratulate H-E-B on its commitment to educating the 1.7 million Texas households that rely exclusively on over-the-air television about the transition and distributing set-top converter boxes to their customers,? said TAB President Ann Arnold.

?H-E-B's leadership will ensure consumers have easy access to the converter boxes without the worry about unscrupulous up-selling of products and pay-TV services that are not necessary to take full advantage of Digital Television.?

Stores will accept the $40 coupons issued by the federal government to offset the one-time cost of the set-top converter boxes.

The in-store education program will help customers learn about the analog to DTV transition as well as assist them with registration for converter box coupons.

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