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Guidance on Operating Workplaces Amidst COVID-19

- TAB Still Awaiting Promised Masks from FEMA

As Governor Greg Abbott accelerates the state’s reopening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses, stations and advertisers alike, are wondering how to ensure their workplaces remain safe in the “new normal.” Fortunately, knowledgeable resources abound providing valuable insight into what you need to consider.

“The main consideration that any business should have in attempting to return their workforce to work is the obligation that they have to provide their employees with a safe workplace that’s free from any recognized hazards,” says Scott Fiddler, attorney with the Jackson Walker law firm, TAB’s general counsel.

Of course, the primary “recognized hazard” at hand is the COVID-19 virus, and Fiddler sets forth in a recent podcast five key steps any business should be taking, including:

1) Prepare a company taskforce
2) Prepare your process (plans and policies)
3) Prepare the workplace
4) Focus on preparing your workforce for returning to work
5) Prepare for the unexpected

Details on each step are available in this Jackson Walker podcast.

Governmental Resources
OSHA Guidance (Also available in Spanish)
Interim Centers for Disease Control Guidance
Texas Department of Health & Human Services Guidance
Governor Abbott’s May 18 Reopening Order

Latest News on FEMA Masks
As TAB reported a few weeks ago, FEMA has allocated 30,000 masks to be delivered to TAB for distribution to all broadcast licensees in the state.

We are primed and ready to begin this distribution but lack one thing…the masks themselves. Late last week at least three other state broadcast associations reported receiving their allotment, so Texas broadcasters could well see their masks by June 1 – we hope sooner.

Questions? Contact TAB’s Oscar Rodriguez or call (512) 322-9944.

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