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FCC Revokes Texas AM’s License Over Non-Payment of Annual Regulatory Fees

The FCC revoked the license of KIRT-AM Mission last week, citing licensee Bravo Broadcasting Company, Inc.’s “failure to pay delinquent regulatory fees owed to the Commission.”  The FCC also dismissed pending applications for renewal of KIRT’s station license.  

FCC documents say Bravo Broadcasting “failed to timely pay or only partially paid the Station’s regulatory fees for FYs 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.” The FCC said it assessed late payment penalties and sent “demand letters” seeking payment of the delinquent regulatory fee debts.  The FCC’s Media Bureau and the Office of Managing Director jointly issued an Order to Pay or to Show Cause on March 15, requiring KIRT to file with the Bureau “evidence of full payment of the debt, or show cause why the fees were inapplicable or should be waived or deferred.” The FCC’s order also stated that failure to provide such evidence of payment or to show cause within the time specified could result in revocation of the station’s license.  

The Nov. 21 FCC order said Bravo Broadcasting had not paid the delinquent fees, penalties, and interest, and had not filed a written response to the order. The FCC went on to say in its order, “we conclude revocation is appropriate,” and noted that operation of the facility “is now unauthorized and must cease immediately.”

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