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FCC Issues Notice of Violation to Sinton Radio Station for Tower Fencing Issue

The FCC issued a notice of violation to the Worship Center of Kingsville, licensee of KDAE-AM in Sinton, for violation of 47 CFR § 73.49, the commission’s AM transmission antenna fencing requirements.

The notice does not preclude the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau from further action including fines.

FCC rules require antenna towers having radio frequency potential at the base (series fed, folded unipole, and insulated base antennas) to be enclosed within effective locked fences or other enclosures.  Based on a complaint, an FCC field agent with the FCC’s Dallas office inspected the KDAE transmitter site and “observed that sections of the fence surrounding KDAE had fallen and no longer effectively enclosed the tower in violation of Section 73.49 of the Rules.”

The FCC now seeks additional information from KDAE concerning the violations and any remedial actions taken.  

The Worship Center of Kingsville must submit a written statement concerning this matter within 20 days.

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