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FCC fines Texas station owner $6k for failing to change ownership information

The FCC has issued a $6,000 Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture to Paulino Bernal, owner of antenna structure number 1066001, located in Tulia.

The FCC said Bernal apparently “willfully and repeatedly violated Section 17.57 of the Commission’s rules by failing to notify the Commission upon a change in ownership information for the antenna structure.” 

The notice also came with an order directing Bernal to submit within 30 days, a statement signed under penalty of perjury that updated ownership information for the antenna structure has been submitted to the commission.

According to FCC documents, Bernal is the licensee of AM Station KTUE in Tulia and acquired the station from Dove Media, LLP in Sept. of 2004.

As part of the station purchase, Bernal also acquired a “207 foot Andrews 4-face angle iron AM broadcast tower” in Tulia from Dove Media.

In Feb. 2012, an agent from the Enforcement Bureau’s Dallas Office informed station staff via telephone that Bernal must update the ownership information in the commission’s Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) database. 

FCC documents say as of Jan. 25, the commission’s ASR database still listed “KLGD Attention to Bruce Campbell” as the owner of the antenna structure.

Section 17.57 of the FCC’s rules requires owners of registered antenna structures to immediately notify the commission, using FCC Form 854, upon any change in structure height or change in ownership information. 

The NAL concludes that “based on the evidence before us, we find that Mr. Bernal apparently willfully and repeatedly violated Section 17.57 of the Rules by failing to notify the Commission of a change in ownership for the Antenna Structure.”

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