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EAS RMT issue

There was a problem with this morning?s Required Monthly Test (RMT) of the Texas Emergency Alert System. 

Because of the size of the state and the daisy chain system of EAS delivery, WBAP-AM Dallas-Fort Worth and KTRH-AM Houston both originate the RMT each month.  

The Texas State Networks helps the RMT distribution by forwarding WBAP?s RMT by satellite to TSN?s radio station affiliates, some of which serve as the local primary EAS stations serving Texas EAS regions. 

Stations receiving the RMT that originates from WBAP-AM did not receive it today because of a board operation problem. 

After conferring with the FCC field office in Dallas, WBAP will originate its test on Wednesday, April 7, at approximately 4:45 a.m.

Stations receiving the RMT that originates from KTRH-AM Houston did not experience any problems.

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