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2019 EAS Required Monthly Test Schedule Now Available

The 2019 schedule for Required Monthly Tests of the Emergency Alert System is now available.

  • Schedule set annually by Texas’ two EAS RMT originating stations: WBAP-AM Dallas-Fort Worth and KTRH-AM Houston
  • The EAS originating PEP stations send the RMT on the Tuesday of the first full week of each month (Texas State EAS Plan, page 20)
  • Other EAS regions receive the RMT via either a daisy chain broadcast station relay or by the Texas State Networks’ satellite dissemination
  • If the RMT falls on a holiday, the test will take place on the following Wednesday (Texas State EAS Plan, page 20)
  • The RMT occurs either during the daytime or nighttime for even or odd months (47 CFR 11.61 - Tests of EAS Procedures)
  • If a station doesn’t receive the RMT, the FCC requires the station to make “a good faith effort” to determine why it was not received
  • It is sufficient to make an inquiry to one of the two local primary stations assigned to a particular EAS region and note the results of that inquiry in the station’s EAS log

View the full schedule

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