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DTV PSA & "Nightlight" Video-DEADLINE

January 16 Satellite Feed
Analog "Nighlight" Video

On Friday, January 16, at 1 p.m. (EST), NAB will re-distribute new DTV Action spots that highlight the issue of rescanning and mark the countdown to the end of analog broadcasting on February 17.

The first group of "Checklist" spots focus on the steps over the air households need to take to upgrade, with a special focus on rescanning after February 17. This group includes a longer :30 explanation of rescanning, a :23/7 on the four steps viewers need to take to upgrade to DTV and a :15 that focuses on rescanning.

Following English and Spanish versions of the "Checklist" spots, there will be a series of "Countdown" spots, each :15 in duration, that mark the remaining time before the transition date.

This will include a spot to run three weeks, two weeks, seven days, six days, five days, four days, three days, two days and less than 24 hours out. Please note the corresponding dates on the slates. Those dates are also listed in the downloadable format sheet (see below).

The feed, with a total of 13 spots in English and 13 spots in Spanish, will run approximately 14 minutes. A replay of all the spots will begin immediately after completion of the first run.

The half-hour, standard-definition re-feed will include:

  • Fully produced "Checklist" spot highlighting re-scanning
    1.    :30 version on rescanning
    2.    :23/7 local taggable
    3.    :15 version
    4.    Spanish language versions will follow English
  • Fully produced :15 "Countdown" spots
    1.    Nine versions ranging "three weeks" to "less than 24 hours"
    2.    Spanish language versions will follow English
  • Split-track audio

All spots are closed captioned.

A format and timing sheet for these spots, under the heading "January Action Spots," are available at Scripts for the "Checklist" and "Countdown" spots can be downloaded at

Analog Re-Feed:

Date: January 16, 2009
Time: 13:00-13:30 EST
Satellite: Galaxy 28 (C-Band)
Transponder: C15
Location: 89 degrees West
Uplink Frequency: 6225 H
Downlink Frequency: 4000 V
Polarity: Vertical
Audio: 6.2 / 6.8 - Stereo Full-Mix

For any technical problems during the feed, contact the NAB's master control room at (202) 408-3424.

All details on satellite feeds are also posted at

Analog "Nightlight" Video
Some stations will have the ability to continue to broadcast in analog for 30 days after February 17.

The FCC is in the process of producing a list of stations eligible to take part in the "Nightlight" program.

Those stations are encouraged to participate, but doing so is strictly voluntary.

NAB is also producing an instructional DTV "Nightlight" video that stations will be able to run both before and after February 17.

The DTV "Nightlight" program will explain the basics of how to upgrade to digital television, hooking up a converter box, antennas, and re-scanning for channels.

The "Nightlight" video will be distributed to stations in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions, please e-mail the NAB's Mike DiSerio or call (202) 429-5493.

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