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Check your Station’s FCC Compliance with a TAB Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program Review

Texas radio stations will begin their license renewal cycle in 2021 and Texas TV stations aren’t far behind in 2022. Stations can assess their FCC compliance and identify potential trouble areas to address in advance of their renewals by participating in TAB’s Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP).

ABIP utilizes a contracted team of inspectors, a mix of broadcast engineering veterans and a retired FCC field agent, that reviews stations for FCC compliance using the FCC’s station self-inspection checklists as a guide. 

Stations that successfully complete a review earn a three-year waiver from routine or surprise FCC inspection by going through a TAB mock FCC-style inspection. 

The reviews include a review of the physical facilities of the main studios and transmitter site, as well as a review of station procedures.

Of key interest is a review of the station’s online Public Inspection File which the FCC just noted will be a heightened area of scrutiny in the upcoming license renewal cycle.

Since 1997, TAB’s team of inspectors has logged thousands of miles and reviewed hundreds of stations with each review generating an inspection report documenting the station’s FCC compliance and the results of the TAB inspector’s review. 

Stations found in compliance receive the three-year waiver in the form of a Certificate of Compliance which is typically posted in the lobby of the station.

While many stations pass the inspection with flying colors, stations that have deficiencies may correct them within a reasonable timeframe and still garner one of the coveted certificates. 

It is TAB’s goal, in partnership with the FCC, to promote and ensure station compliance with the FCC’s regulations. 

Stations that have undergone an ABIP review very quickly realize the value of getting a third-party to search for any FCC regulatory deficiencies. 

It is less expensive if the TAB finds a problem and it is addressed, than if the FCC found the problem during a routine, surprise inspection. 

Stations often tell us that a TAB ABIP review is affordable “peace of mind” insurance to ascertain any problem areas before they become an even larger problem.

FCC forfeitures typically start at the $4,000 level and rise steadily from there.

TAB keeps the inspection fees low so stations can take advantage of this tremendous member service.

Interested in getting a station inspection?  Learn more about what is involved in an ABIP station review and download the ABIP contract here.

Questions? Contact TAB’s Michael Schneider or call (512) 322-9944.

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