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2023 TAB Show – The Most Common Station FCC Deficiencies, Other Tech and Compliance Sessions Available

From the latest gear offered by TAB Associate members to informative management, sales and technical sessions, there’s a lot to see, hear and love at the 2023 TAB Show in Austin next week.

See the complete schedule and register here.

Station managers and engineering staff will have the opportunity to review a “top 10” of the most common FCC deficiencies at stations as compiled by TAB’s Alternative Broadcast Program (ABIP) inspection team.

The Wednesday, Aug. 2, hour-long session features TAB ABIP inspectors Wayne Kube and Steve Sandlin, and takes place in the Sinclair Room at 3pm.

TAB’s Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program is key to ensuring your stations are complying with most FCC regulations.  

Kube and Sandlin review stations’ adherence to myriad of FCC rules during an ABIP inspection.

The review is followed with complete post inspection report detailing any compliance issues that were found as well as what is needed to address them.

The ABIP inspector duo have more than 70 years combined broadcast engineering and technical management experience.

Kube and Sandlin have logged thousands of miles driving across Texas to review stations as part of TAB’s ABIP.

This session will outline the most common, costly and dangerous compliance issues Kube and Sandlin have seen in recent years.

They will also discuss what the FCC requires of stations to be in compliance with its regulations.

Other Sessions Offer Tech Insights, Futures

TAB2023 has a host of other sessions on tap that focus on Radio and/or TV technology or compliance. These include: 

Don’t pass up this opportunity to get the latest compliance information or see the newest technology broadcasters are utilizing in their ongoing quest to serve local communities!

Questions? Contact TAB’s Michael Schneider or call (512) 322-9944.

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