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The TAB 2019 Schedule is below. We'll be posting speaker presentations as we have them. Check back for updates.

Planning for TAB2020 will start in Fall 2019.

Schedule for August 7, 2019
Title Time Location Speaker(s) Description
Golf Tournament 8:00 am Wolfdancer Golf Club New course this year!!! Join us at the beautiful Wolfdancer Golf Club Address: 575 Hyatt Lost Pines Rd, Cedar Creek, TX 78612 The tournament…
Women in Media: Coffee & Conversation 1:00 pm Third Floor, Ballroom A This informal gathering offers attendees an opportunity to chat with some of Texas media's women managers in a comfortable setting. Let's…
EAS Test Report Filing Party 2:00 pm Rm. 207 Speaker(s): Jessica Nyman, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
File your ETRS Form 2 onsite with TAB’s DC legal counsel at hand…just in case!
TAB Show Opening: The Power of Broadcast 2:00 pm Third Floor, Nielsen Ballroom Speaker(s): Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian
After 20 years, online advertising has produced few, if any, major consumer-facing brands. In his trademark “shoot from the lip” style,…
AE Series (Part 1 of 3): In Sales, It’s All About Them…But Starts with You! 3:30 pm Brazos Rm. Speaker(s): Derron Steenbergen, Swagger Institute
In this “me, me, me” society, it’s easy to forget that most of what we do in sales has to be about someone else.  It is about…
The Bigger Picture: Beyond Resistance-To-Ground 3:30 pm Rm. 213 Speaker(s): Tom LaBarge, GroundLinx Technologies, LLC
Fully protecting broadcast facilities from electrical surge and spike damage requires a better understanding of fault current behavior and how…
Uncovering Local Media Trends Across TV & Digital 3:30 pm Sinclair Rm. Speaker(s): Catherine Herkovic, The Nielsen Company
Content creation & distribution technology are evolving at an accelerating pace. And nowhere is this more true than in Local Media. Join Nielsen…
Radio’s Expanding Digital Strategies for Growing Audience & Revenue 3:30 pm Third Floor, Nielsen Ballroom Speaker(s): Sam Matheny (Moderator), NAB's PILOT
J.D. Crowley, Entercom
Rick Greenhut, XPERI
Jim Kerr, Triton Digital
Marco Broccardo, COLONYLive
Learn how to employ Radio’s newest digital strategies to reach your audience wherever they are while growing revenue. From smart speakers and…
Building the Right Broadcast Facility for Your Business 3:30 pm Sony Rm. Speaker(s): Brendan Cline, BeckTV
Take a look at the challenges of choosing the right infrastructure at a time when IP-based solutions are still quickly evolving, and when hybrid…
Turning a Contact…Into a Connection…Into a CUSTOMER 3:30 pm Nexstar Rm. Speaker(s): David Rich,
In this highly-inspirational and informative session, based on Rich’s book “Contagious Selling,” you’ll get the tools to…
Spare the Juice: Efficiency and Modern SS Transmitter Design 4:45 pm Sony Rm. Speaker(s): Walt Gumbert, Rohde & Schwarz
A comparison of the design and efficiency of the modern Solid State transmitter with what was required in recent history to obtain up to 100kW TPO.
Why Traditional Media Matters in a Cross-Platform World 4:45 pm Sinclair Rm. Speaker(s): Steve Walsh, Comscore
Media is proliferating across multiple platforms and audiences are following suit, but what does this mean for traditional media? In this…
10 Opportunities to Improve Your Operations & Revenue 4:45 pm Rm. 213 Speaker(s): Doug Ferber, DEFcom Advisors
There is no magic potion or secret sauce that can instantly turn your station into a gold mine overnight. But there are some things you can do that…
Next-Gen TV/ATSC 3.0 Market Plans 4:45 pm Third Floor, Nielsen Ballroom Speaker(s): Sam Matheny, NAB's PILOT
Sasha Javid, The Spectrum Consortium
Anne Schelle, Pearl TV
John Buergler, Univision Local Media
With 40 markets – four in Texas – slated to roll out ATSC 3.0 by the end of next year, hear first-hand from Spectrum Consortium's COO…
Kick-Off Party 6:00 pm Third Floor, Lone Star Ballroom D Everyone loves a party – and this is TAB’s biggest. Featuring a performance from BMI Artist Jane Ellen Bryant. Jane Ellen Bryant is a…
Golden Mic Club Banquet 7:30 pm Third Floor, Rooms 301/302 Speaker(s): Dave South, Former Voice of Texas A&M Football
Event is open to all Convention Attendees with advance ticket purchase. Current Members of the Golden Mic Club may attend for FREE with ADVANCE…
Schedule for August 8, 2019
Title Time Location Speaker(s) Description
Leadership Breakfast 7:30 am Third Floor, Lone Star Ballroom D Speaker(s): Michael O'Rielly, FCC Commissioner
BG Gregory Chaney, Texas Army National Guard
Both in service to local communities and influencing major public policy affecting our industry, Texas broadcasters showed up in a BIG way over the…
Cost-Saving Quandary: FM Solid State vs. Tube Transmitters 8:00 am Sinclair Rm. Speaker(s): Bob Stroupe, iHeartMedia
Steve Hasskamp, American Amplifier Technologies
Jeff Wilson, Nautel
Kevin Haider, GatesAir
Station engineers share their analyses of maintenance costs to consider - over the short and long term - when weighing whether to purchase an FM Solid…
ABIP: Your Key to FCC Regulatory Compliance 8:00 am Rm. 213 Speaker(s): Scott Flick, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
Dick Pickens, TAB Inspector
Steve Sandlin, TAB Inspector
Legal counsel and inspectors for TAB’s Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program review the importance of the online public file and common…
AE Series (Part 2 of 3): Rising Above the Distracted and Overwhelmed Salesforce 9:00 am Brazos Rm. Speaker(s): Derron Steenbergen, Swagger Institute
This interactive sales session will begin by focusing on an industry riddle that everyone is trying to solve.  We will identify it and help you…
Exhibit Hall Showcase/Coffee Break 9:00 am Griffin Hall Exclusive time to visit the 137 exhibit booths at TAB's Trade Show. Sponsorship available! Contact Patty for more information.
Demo: Simplify Your Digital Life - The SoCast Solution 9:00 am Room 207 Speaker(s): Elan Sibilia, SoCast
As your audience's listening options become more fragmented, radio stations need to embrace digital in order to engage listeners and create new…
Trade Show Open 9:00 am Griffin Hall
UPS as a Distributed Energy Resource 9:30 am Sony Rm. Speaker(s): Ed Spears, Eaton
Learn how your backup power system investment can be monetized to provide services beyond conventional blackout protection. Lithium-ion battery based…
Us vs. Them: Broadcast TV Dominates Cable & Satellite in Viewership AND Effectiveness 9:30 am Rm. 213 Speaker(s): Rob Russo, RNR Media Consulting
Cable television still dwarfs the delivery of broadcast’s programming, and its lack of effectiveness is even more dramatic. Rob Russo, a…
DC Legal Update 9:30 am Nexstar Rm. Speaker(s): Scott Flick, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer
Davina Sashkin, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth
Attorneys with top industry DC law firms address FCC enforcement and deregulation trends, identify advertising opportunities to avoid, outline the…
Managing ATSC 3.0 and 1.0 Simulcast 9:30 am Sinclair Rm. Speaker(s): Michael Guthrie, Harmonic
Efficient use of bandwidth will require flexible utilization of both the ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 bandwidth, managed across multiple business entities…
Demo: An Easy Path to New Digital Revenue with FUEL 10:45 am Rm. 207 Speaker(s): John King, Bitcentral
FUEL is an innovative digital platform that delivers video assets in a dynamic and continuous linear stream. The delivery system monetizes existing…
Radio Stations: Out-Deliver the Fragmented Cable & Satellite Offerings in Your Market 11:00 am Rm. 213 Speaker(s): Rob Russo, RNR Media Consulting
Whether you are in a rated or non-rated market, Radio listening continues to outreach the local cable and satellite programs--and by a large margin.…
Television Syndication Roundtable 11:00 am Third Floor, Nielsen Ballroom Speaker(s): Patrick Parish, Warner Bros.
Rich Iazzetta, Disney-ABC Home Entertainment & Television Distribution
Bob Nuttall, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution
Kevin Frady, CBS Television
Tony Fasola, Entertainment Studios
Frank Hussey, Genesis Entertainment
Zack Hernandez, Sony Pictures
A lively 75 minutes of first-hand, back and forth exchange covering current programming issues & topics from the top syndication company…
ATSC 3.0 – Designing and Marketing the New TV Standard 11:00 am Sinclair Rm. Speaker(s): Fred Baumgartner, ONEMedia
One of the leading technology experts on the Next-Gen TV standard provides an inside look into the Single Frequency Network architecture behind the…
AM Digital & New Translator Rules: The Latest in AM Revitalization 11:00 am Sony Rm. Speaker(s): Ben Downs, Bryan Broadcasting Co.
David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
Rick Greenhut, XPERI
Leading advocates for revitalizing AM Radio make their case for the MA3 all-digital mode of HD Radio for AM stations.
How to Win the War for Talent 11:00 am Nexstar Rm. Speaker(s): Laurie Kahn, Media Staffing Network
Leave with ideas on how to better attract, engage, hire and retain a higher quality of talent! An understanding of why stations are having a hard…
Exhibit Hall Lunch 12:00 pm TAB Trade Show, Griffin Hall Enjoy lunch while visiting TAB's exhibit booths.
AE Series (Part 3 of 3): Proposal Workshop 1:00 pm Brazos Rm. Speaker(s): Derron Steenbergen, Swagger Institute
Would you be interested in something that was guaranteed to raise your closing percentage, help you make more money and improve how you are viewed by…
Annual TAB Business Meeting 1:15 pm Third Floor, Nielsen Ballroom Step in for a quick snapshot of TAB’s top state and federal policy priorities for 2020 and welcome the newly-elected Board officers and…
Demo: The Smart Logger - Teaching Your Compliance Monitor/Multiviewer to Produce an ROI and So Much More 1:15 pm Rm. 207 Speaker(s): Ken Rubin, Vela
Ric Belding, Vela
Can your Logger do this?  Television engineers are required to monitor and log for compliance...but what if the same system had advanced…
Coffee Break 2:00 pm Griffin Hall Visit the 137 exhibit booths at TAB's Trade Show! Sponsorship available! Email Patty for more information.
C-Band Encroachment Update 2:00 pm Sony Rm. Speaker(s): Sam Matheny, NAB's PILOT
Jessica Nyman, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
The FCC’s imminent ruling on how to license 500 MHz of mid-band spectrum to wireless companies for 5G deployment could have huge impact on your…
Driving Automotive Revenue: Win Big with This Simple Strategy 2:00 pm Sinclair Rm. Speaker(s): Brad Seitter, TVB
Get the latest sales strategy and auto research to help you move auto dollars to broadcast TV.  Seitter works across all three tiers in…
The Looming Tower: To Sell or Not to Sell 2:00 pm Rm. 213 Speaker(s): Doug Ferber, DEFcom Advisors
Scott Flick, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Lance Parr, Lanco Technical Services
Joe Meleski, Vertical Bridge
Opportunities and risks abound on the question of selling or keeping your own tower. This panel will provide the insights you need to make an informed…
The Value of Radio to the Auto Industry 2:00 pm Nexstar Rm. Speaker(s): David Chipman, The Nielsen Company
Learn how a radio campaign drives online research of auto purchase intenders, boosts consumer perception of dealer brands, increases dealer visits and…
Demo: Using the Power of Your Audience to Increase Revenue Fast 2:45 pm Room 207 Speaker(s): Marco Broccardo , COLONYLive
Are you struggling to grow revenue in specific categories or simply desire to grow your share in a few categories? COLONYLive provides a turn-key and…
Texas and the 2020 Census 3:15 pm Third Floor, Nielsen Ballroom Speaker(s): Cathy Lacy, U.S. Census Bureau
Dr. Lloyd Potter, Texas State Demographer
J.R. Gonzales, Texas Assn. of Mexican-American Chambers of Commerce
Regina Rodriguez (moderator), Univision Austin
An accurate count directly impacts Texas taxpayers and broadcasters’ bottom lines. Learn how the count will be conducted and promoted, how…
Repack Challenges 3:15 pm Nexstar Rm. Speaker(s): Elias Ventanilla, KVIA-TV El Paso
Brent Robinson, KUTV-TV Salt Lake City
David Sanderford, Marsand, Inc.
David Ostmo, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Hear first-hand the varied and surprising challenges you might encounter in your station’s repack process from station and consulting engineers…
Maximize Revenue with LIVE Video Streaming 3:15 pm Sony Rm. Speaker(s): Bill Countryman, KICM/KHKC/KZRC/KZIG Ardmore
With new technology, LIVE video streaming is now readily available for any level of sports broadcasts. In this session, you will learn why a video…
Exhibit Hall Happy Hour 4:00 pm TAB Trade Show, Griffin Hall Grab a free beverage at our Exhibit Hall Happy Hour!
TABE Business Meeting 4:30 pm Rm. 207 Meeting for members of the Texas Association of Broadcast Educators
Chairman's Reception 6:30 pm Third Floor, Nielsen Ballroom Enjoy beverages and hors d'oeuvre with TAB's 2019 Chairman Sarah Frazier before heading to the Awards Gala.
Awards Gala 7:30 pm Third Floor, Lone Star Ballroom D Join friends and colleagues for a great evening featuring presentation Texas broadcasting's most prestigious awards. Pioneer of the Year:…