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RK Enterprises

Bronze Member

Corporate Information

Phone: (562) 665-0874
2032 Pelham Drive
Norman, OK 73071
{United States}

Primary Contact

Mr. Charles King

Phone: (562) 665-0874

About RK Enterprises

RK Enterprise represents two companies:

The first, which I co-developed is the MMRB Series of Ruggedized Field Monitors. We serve both sections of the entertainment Industry as well as the military. Our monitors are custom made to the user’s needs.

The Company is Display Integration Technologies (DIT) located in Southern California where we build the monitors. Repairs as well. Due are customizing the monitor there is no set pricing.

The second company is in the professional audio business. The T.O.M. Company developed three shot-gun microphones.  The brand name is Acoustic Solutions, the mics are as follows:  The Mark 1 Hyper Cardioid, the AS 456 HD Long ShotGun mic and the AS 345 Short mic.

We also offer the Tom-Com single and double Muff headsets,; wired belt packs; one and two channel Wired Master System; as well the Wireless 2.4 Gig Duplex RX/Tx; and a Wireless Walkie Talkie Interface (IF-2) that cancel of to 16 selectable frequencies.

Product Websites below:

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