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Anywave Communication Technologies Inc.

Gold Member

Corporate Information

Phone: (412) 400-0408
100 N Fairway Drive, Suite 128
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
{United States}

Primary Contact

David Neff

Phone: (412) 400-0408

Secondary Contact

Tee Thomas

Phone: (806) 548-1280

About Anywave Communication Technologies Inc.

Anywave is a leading supplier of highly reliable television transmitters and related products. The company offers the industry's most advanced designs for UHF, and VHF bands I and III at all power levels from low power to liquid cooled at 100 kW or more. Anywave has recently developed an entirely new line of air cooled transmitters (the Marble series) with the most compact size in the industry. The company also offers a new line of gap fillers with outstanding echo cancellation, and SFN transmitters for optimization of coverage. Anywave has also recently introduced its own new exciter for ATSC 3.0, and also has developed a new gateway and signaling server to accompany it. 

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