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UIL Posts 2022-23 Regular Season Broadcast Guidelines

The University Interscholastic League, the governing body of Texas high school extracurricular activities, has posted its regular season broadcast guidelines for the 2022-23 season.

The UIL has yet to post its 2022-23 post-season video broadcast information, although radio playoff guidelines are available.

Per the UIL’s long-time practice, live video broadcasts of non-football athletic contests and high school football games on days other than Friday are permitted during the regular season. 

The UIL defines a video broadcast “as any live or tape-delayed video footage of a contest in its entirety that can be broadcast over any medium or channel.”

In accordance with Section 868(c) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules, UIL member schools may permit the live video webcast of a regular season football game on a Friday night. 

The UIL defines a webcast as “any video broadcast streamed over the internet.”

As a general rule, over-the-air television broadcasts of a regular season football game on a Friday night are not permitted.  

Per the UIL’s long-time practice, Texas radio stations may live broadcast aurally regular season high school football games any night of the week.

Announcer guidelines

The UIL has announcer guidelines which should be followed in broadcasts and webcasts:

  • Announcers must be competent and exhibit professionalism.
  • No dramatization shall be made of any unsportsmanlike conduct, incidents or displays on the part of the participants or fans.
  • There shall be no destructive criticisms of officials’ decisions.
  • No mention shall be made of injuries, unpreventable accidents, or other incidents which may cause any anxiety on the part of the viewers or listeners.

Advertising Restrictions

The UIL prohibits several categories of advertising during broadcasts of any UIL activity, such as:

  • Political announcements
  • Cigarettes or other tobacco product
  • Gambling services or venues
  • Sexual services or adult entertainment venues
  • Alcohol and firearms advertisements

General guidelines for live video broadcasts

  • School administrations for both Home and Visiting teams must come to a mutual agreement to allow live video broadcasts.
  • Each team may have one video broadcast per game, with prior approval by a school administration.
  • If the school administrations for both teams allow for the live video broadcast of a game, the host venue should make every attempt to accommodate both the Home and Visitor team production crews.
  • Video broadcasts may be on any media platform approved by the school.
  • All video broadcasts must adhere to the UIL broadcast guidelines and advertisement restrictions noted above.

Any negotiations regarding broadcasts of games are at the discretion of the individual school district involved and must comply with UIL rules. 

All revenues generated belong to the entities involved in the agreement.  

Violations will be subject to the range of penalties listed in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules.

UIL Public Service Announcements

The UIL has posted audio and video PSAs for use in broadcasts of UIL activities.

The UIL requires stations to play at least one UIL PSA during a live play-by-play broadcast.

These are available for download at 

The PSAs cover significant topics surrounding high school sports and the performing arts, including the value of participation, the mental health of students, Title IX and more.

Two new video PSAs address recruiting officials and attendance at high school activities. 

Questions should be directed to the UIL’s Media Office at 512-471-5883 or  

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