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The Texas Debates: Race for Governor

Republican Primary Debate
Murchison Performing Arts Center (directions)
University of North Texas in Denton

See which Texas stations are airing the debate.


  • GALAXY 16 (KU-BAND) Located at 99 degrees west
  • Window opens at 6:30 p.m. and closes at 8:30 p.m. CDT
  • Data Rate: 5.500000
  • Symbol Rate: 3.978723
  • FEC: ¾

DOWNLINK:  G-16 / 6-G Downlink Freq 11835.625

FEEDS:  Self-contained feeds with graphics will be delivered in 4 x 3 standard format.

AUDIO/SAP: English?Channels 1 and 2; Spanish ? Channels 3 and 4


  • Galaxy 16 (KU-BAND/HD) Located at 99 degrees west
  • Window opens at 6:30 p.m. and closes at 8:30 p.m. CDT
  • 18MHz
  • Symbol rate 13.333
  • Data rate: 21.502730 Mbps
  • FEC: 7/8

DOWNLINK: Galaxy 16 K06 slots B,C,D,E; Downlink frequency 11817.25V;  L-Band 1067

FEED:  Self-contained feed with graphics will be delivered in 16 x 9 standard format

AUDIO/SAP: English - Channels 1 and 2; Spanish ? Channels 3 and 4


  • AMC 21 125 degrees West KU
  • Downlink Frequency: 12180 MHz
  • L-Band Frequency: 1430 MHz
  • Downlink Polarity: Vertical
  • Symbol Rate:  30.00000 Mbps
  • Modulation: DVBS QPSK
  • FEC Rate: ¾
  • MPEG Service #: 11
  • Video PID: 177
  • PCR PID: 177
  • Audio Service PID 1:  180 (English)
  • Audio Service PID 2: 181 (Spanish)
  • Time Code Service PID: 182
  • Chroma Sub-sampling: 4:2:0


  • AMC 21 125 degrees West KU
  • Downlink Frequency:     12150 MHz
  • L-Band Frequency:         1400 MHz

SET UP: Clean feeds are available on-site to a limited number of trucks. Mult-box available for on-site reporters and should be reserved in advance.

WEB LINKS: Live streamed video of the debates will be available at 

ONLINE PRODUCTION: Only anamorphic 16 x 9 feeds will be available on-site. Online reporters should bring their own XLR audio and BNC video cables.

INTERNET ACCESS: Wireless internet connections are available for on-site reporters and producers.  Please contact Meg Fullwood for reservations and credentials.

PUBLIC RADIO: Radio coverage of the debates is available via the Public Radio Satellite System. Please refer to Content Depot for channel assignments.

TSN AFFILIATES: Please contact TSN's Dan Bell for channel assignments or call (214) 525-7311.

COMMERCIAL RADIO: Non-TSN affiliates wanting to carry the debate live should contact TAB's Michael Schneider or call (512) 322-9944.

POOL PHOTOGRAPHY:  The Associated Press will serve as pool photographer. Non-subscribers, please contact Meg Fullwood to receive images.

SITE SURVEY: Please make arrangements in advance by contacting Bob Butler and Darrel Henke at the numbers below.

CREDENTIALS: Media credentials are required. Reservations should be made in advance no later than 12 noon Wednesday, January 13, 2010. Doors open at 6 pm, Thursday, January 14. All media should be in place by 6:30 pm. Media access to the event is on a first come, first served basis. Priority will be given to media with reservations and affiliated with organizations that regularly produce news.

MEDIA ENTRANCE:   On the left side of the building as you come from the parking lot.

Q&A/NEWS CONFERENCE: Candidates will conduct a post-debate question and answer period with the media.

PARKING: Satellite trucks and microwave van parking is available along the I-35 access road in front of the Murchison Performing Arts Center. 

* TECHNICAL CONTACTS:   Bob Butler - 972-896-3984 / Darrell Henke - 214-417-9094 *

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