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Thank you to our NCSA Stars!

The updated NCSA Stars are now available.

These are the stations that donated the most to TAB's Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement Program for the past month.

"We sincerely appreciate the airtime stations donate to these campaigns," said Craig Bean, TAB's public service manager.

"State or federal agencies and non-profit groups with important, sometimes life-saving messages can use TAB's NCSA program to get their message to all Texans."

Texas broadcasters donate hundreds of millions of dollars in airtime to public service each year.  Part of that ongoing commitment is the stations' contributions to TAB's NCSA campaigns for such topics as:

  • Adoption of older children through the "Why Not Me?" campaign
  • Recruitment for the National Guard and Coast Guard
  • Texas Department of Transportation's Lemon Law campaign
  • Texas Department of State Health Services flu prevention campaign
  • Proper use of 9-1-1 through the Commission on State Emergency Communications
  • Availability of residential electricity provider choice in some counties from the Public Utility Commission

"You can add your station to the list of NCSA supporters by sending affidavits to TAB.  Your support of the program funds many of TAB's member services such as our extensive job bank and legal hotline," Bean said.

Contact Craig Bean to find out how your station can participate.

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