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Texas DTV awareness at 92%

Most Texas consumers know about the nationwide switch to DTV on Feb. 17, 2009, according to a recent NAB poll.

Conducted March 29 through May 23 by Smith-Geiger LLC, the survey reported 92 percent of Texas households were aware that full-power television stations will be switching their broadcast signals and programming to an all-digital format.

Across the country, consumer awareness of the DTV transition is nearly universal at 90 percent. 
An estimated 1,715,980 homes in Texas rely exclusively on over-the-air television, meaning they watch free TV broadcasts using rabbit ear or rooftop antennas.

These households will need to take steps to receive a digital television signal by February 17, 2009, when all full-power stations must begin broadcasting only in digital.

Among the survey's key findings in Texas:

  • 92 percent of households are aware television is switching to digital
  • 37 percent of households correctly stated the date of the transition
  • 72 percent of households recalled seeing DTV messages on TV

Broadcasters nationwide are focusing their efforts on educating Americans about the actions they need to take to be prepared for the switch.

Over-the-air viewers must either purchase a converter box or digital TV set, or subscribe to a pay service, such as cable or satellite.

Local television and radio stations will continue running spots that highlight the transition date and the government?s converter box coupon program, as well as explain the benefits of DTV and the ways consumers can upgrade to digital. 

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