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TAB Show Shines Light on Soft Skills that Drive Dollars

- 10 Programs Showcase Industry Leader Insights

The increasing volatility of the media marketplace demands more from station leaders and marketing teams than ever before, so the two dozen broadcasters who planned the 2022 TAB Show lined up a series of programs providing insight into key advertising markets, as well as the personal “soft” skills needed to work effectively with customers and colleagues alike.

Ten of the 25 programs on tap for the TAB Show Aug. 3-4 in Austin focus on the data and skills that can help station teams advance not just revenue growth but also professional and personal fulfillment.

TAB Show Marketing-Leadership Snapshot:

The Future of Local Auto Dealer Advertising
Force Marketing CEO John Fitzpatrick literally grew up in the business as a son of an auto dealer. Now as head of an omni-channel marketing company focused on the automotive market, he shares his insights on how Texas broadcasters can adapt to the extraordinary developments roiling dealerships and what to expect in the coming year.

Thriving in the New Normal of Broadcast Sales
JDA’s Tom Ray, renowned as one of the top sales trainers in media, addresses not only re-emerging sales techniques, but also a heavy dose of strategies designed to help your local advertisers navigate the current landscape.

Leadership During a Changing Culture
Three long-time Texas broadcasters share their secrets to success in recruiting and retaining top performers.

Regaining Our Sales Swagger
Derron Steenbergen takes the lessons of the past couple years to help marketing teams re-set processes, see the opportunities that lie ahead and reignite our passion for what we do.

Read Anyone in 10 Seconds or Less
Learning’s easier when you’re laughing and nobody proves this better than Jody Holland who teaches a fascinating “underground playbook” of invaluable techniques for learning in a flash how a potential new client makes decisions, learns, self-evaluates and more.  

New Brain Science Insights That Boost Ratings
Like a Svengoolie Saturday night special, brain science researcher Graeme Newell puts people inside of brain scanners, then asks them to watch TV and listen to Radio. Hear how their brains light up and learn the programming tactics that drive engagement.

The Value of Radio’s Audience
Nielsen’s David Chipman returns to shares his insights into what the graying of America means for programming and sales on a day-in, day-out basis.

Man’s Best Friend Scores Again!
JDA’s Tom Ray takes a playful but serious look at the foundational concepts of management through the lens of the dog training world…a can’t-miss for managers that won raves at’s Sales Manager BootCamp 2022.

Getting Over Your Digital Intimidation
Swagger-Man Derron Steenbergen helps sellers and managers dispel any intimidation they might have about digital sales and learn the power of making broadcast and digital a combined part of their recommendation to clients.

Local Cross-Platform Insights Fueling TV/OTT Growth
Paul LeFort brings Nielsen’s latest cross-platform insights to maximize stations’ impressions-based selling strategies and the growth potential of an expanded buying demo of Adults 25-64.

Taking It All In

Fifteen additional programs and a 115-booth trade show are set to help delegates get up to speed on broadcast technology advances, the industry’s changing legal and regulatory framework, and the continually evolving music royalty landscape, all with minimal counterprogramming.

Major events include the opening day Kick-Off party, the Day 2 Leadership Breakfast with Graham Media CEO Catherine Badalamente, and the closing night Awards Gala which features the presentation of Texas broadcasting’s highest honors.

The Annual Business Meeting showcases a policy conversation with recently-appointed FCC Media Bureau Chief Holly Saurer and the results of the 2022 TAB Board of Directors elections.


Questions? Contact TAB’s Oscar Rodriguez or call (512) 322-9944.

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