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TAB/SBE: Session Spotlight

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Lessons in Leadership

(Radio/TV Managers) Wed., Aug. 11 at 4 pm

Speaker: Nancy Vaeth-DuBroff

Susquehanna and Entercom veteran executive Nancy Vaeth-DuBroff shares her common sense approach to maximizing performance.

She will share her own best practices and things that helped her build strong stations and achieve goals.

Discussion points include strategic thinking/planning, the importance of outstanding internal communications, decision making, hiring and developing staff and making the workplace environment challenging, productive and fun.

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Inside the Commission

(Radio/TV Managers) Thurs., Aug. 12 at 1:30 pm

Speaker: FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker
Nearing her first anniversary at the FCC, Commissioner Baker shares her insights into broadcasters major policymaking concerns.Belo   logo

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Sponsor: Belo

Broadcast/Interactive Sales Training

(Radio/TV Sellers) Thurs., Aug. 12

Speaker: John Potter, RAB

Prepare to move past the broadcast paradigm, look forward to the integrated marketing paradigm and establish an atmosphere of participation through a number of exercises.
The first session covers the fundamentals for sellers new to interactive -- a must to get the most of the last three sessions.

1-2 pm -- Introduction: The Fundamentals
If you have little or no experience selling Interactive advertising, join us for this fast-paced overview of what you need to know to maximize your digital sales. We'll cover the web's most popular ad products, vocabulary, metrics and pricing. This will be a good foundation before attending the advanced interactive sessions (Parts 1-3) later in the day.

2:15-3:15 pm -- Part 1: Digital Salesmanship at its Best - The Digital Sales Process
Stimulate your thinking about the sales process through an exercise that creates tools you can use to close more business. You'll have lists of:

  1. CNA questions to uncover clients' and prospects' interactive perceptions, current advertising, likes and dislikes about digital advertising, and goals for their digital advertising
  2. Resources for research and custom CNA question preparation
  3. Questions for specific advertiser categories

3:30-4:30 pm -- Part 2: Dirty Digital Secrets
There are many salespeople intentionally or unintentionally presenting inaccurate, incomplete, and often deceptive information about interactive advertising (click fraud, robots, auto-refresh, IP geo-targeting). The salesperson who has the knowledge and integrity to present fairly will find long-term success. Get armed with the knowledge of Interactive's problems and be ready to address them with advertisers if necessary.

4:45-5:45 pm -- Part 3: Ideamania
Stimulate your creative thinking by seeing a rapid-fire list of ideas from stations around the country that are making money. You can put these specific ideas into action for your clients and generate more revenue the day you return to your station.

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The White Button Approach to Online Audio Streaming

(Radio Engineers/Managers) Wed., Aug. 11 at 3 pm

Speakers: Chris Dusterhoff, Bryan Broadcasting; David Oxenford, Davis Wright Tremaine

Back by popular demand, this dynamic duo guides broadcasters through myriad online streaming hurdles, from SoundExchange legal issues to processing audio, identifying the best encoding option, establishing separate streams for smart phones and desktops and working with distributors.

Broadcast Spectrum in the Broadband Era

(TV Engineers/Managers) Thurs., Aug. 12 at 10 am

Speaker: David Donovan, MSTV

The National Broadband Plan seeks to reallocate 120 MHz (20 channels) from the TV band, and reallocate the spectrum for wireless broadband.
The implications of this reallocation are far reaching. Will it affect your ability to do mobile, HDTV and multicasting?

Will it require you to move your channel? Is this truly a voluntary plan?  Learn the implications of this plan for your station and the business of television broadcasting.

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