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TAB/SBE 2008: Web Selling Simple

It's not ABOUT the's about SELLING the web!

Session: "Web Selling Simple"
Speaker: Jim ?Taz? Taszarek (More information?)
Details: Wednesday, Aug. 6 from 3-6 p.m.
Audience: Radio & TV GMs, Sales Managers, Web Salespeople

Everybody is looking for the money on the Web.


Ask any one of the hundreds who?ve seen this ? you?ll see more web sales ideas than you thought possible. We?ll review the basics then move forward.

Here are just a few of the subjects we?ll cover:

? Sample sites that are cranking out money ? NOW!
? Tripping over dollars to get to dimes? How to package & price it for serious money.
? How to get sales staff to buy in.
? One sales staff or two? It depends on?
? The five biggest web sales mistakes.
? The new look of a web presentation and new methods of prospecting & qualifying.
? Obvious clues to the future (Web 2.0 portal websites)
? The end of the unit rate.
? Pricing models ? You don't need to cost justify it.
? How to create web products.
? Not as much traffic as your competitor? Don?t worry.
? Overcoming the big internal sales barriers. Corporate won't let us touch the site. The GM doesn?t believe in it. The PD won?t let us touch it. Our IT guy says we can't change the site ? and if we could ? it?d take six weeks. What do we do?
? Objections? What objections? Not the way we sell it.
? What?s a Platform? Rich media? Pixels? Dreamweaver? HTML? You DON?T need those for successful local selling.

It?s not about the Web. It?s about selling the Web!

Don?t miss out!

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