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TAB Sales Seminars – Featuring Mark Levy

The Texas Association of Broadcasters is bringing Mark Levy on the road in February to four Texas markets.

Cost: $25/person (Open to TAB Members Only)

Registration closed.

Topic: Best Frenemies: Broadcast + Digital = More Sales
Speaker: Mark Levy, Revenue Development Resources (RDR)
Timing: 9 AM-2 PM
Dates: Week of February 3-6, 2020

  • Monday, Feb. 3 - Lubbock City Bank (SOLD OUT) (map)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 4 - Tyler's One Realtor Center (SOLD OUT) (map)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 5 - TAB Building in Austin (SOLD OUT) (map)
  • Thursday, Feb. 6 - KIII-TV Corpus Christi (SOLD OUT) (map)

Many broadcast sellers are losing money to digital competitors and cannot easily put together a game plan to win those dollars back.

This program will provide easy to follow steps to help sellers make a compelling case for the use of radio & TV to improve digital advertising, but even more importantly, to demonstrate that broadcast can continue to be a primary medium to sell anything anyone wants to sell when used correctly.

Proliferation of Digital

  • Why do clients like digital?
  • Holy Indignation Batman! (or, “Why do we get called out for having 30 broadcast signals in a market when there are hundreds, thousands of digital sales opportunities?)
  • Where is overall ad money going?
  • Where is digital money slated to go?
  • “They like me!” So what?
  • Digital ad types that truly compliment broadcast
  • Cost of digital campaigns vs. campaign value
  • “What? You call that successful?”
  • What makes your digital better than brand X
  • What business categories are hot for 2020 (uh, could this be different based on YOUR stations and demo?)
  • “And now a word about political…”
  • Yes, digital and broadcast together…

Benefits of Broadcasting

  • Ending “station speak”
  • “Drop and give me 20!”
  • Telling our story isn’t as important as understanding the clients’ stories
  • Better questions for better solutions
  • National success stories – So what?
  • Why do some clients think we don’t work?
  • Scheduling that works without sacrificing rate integrity
  • Customer service that keeps customers

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