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Successful Healthcare Marketing & Sales Strategies

Speaker: Monica Wurstle, Medical Marketing Agency

The healthcare industry presents a new world of opportunity for advertising professionals. Understanding the particular wants, needs and desires of the healthcare provider is essential` to selling success.

Unlike the familiar retail category, selling to healthcare providers requires a greater level of understanding, professionalism and sensitivity.

Monica Wurstle, president of The Medical Marketing Agency, is a veteran of the healthcare industry and offers her unique expertise into working with and selling to doctors, hospitals and other related medical businesses.
The 3 R's of Healthcare and Sales Opportunities
Research, Reality and Revenue: these are the essential "R's" when working with healthcare providers. You will learn about the challenges facing healthcare providers, methods to identify new streams of revenue and generating referrals from unlikely sources.

Creating Selling Strategies for Clinical Professionals
What's the difference between an interventional diagnostician and a hospitalist?
Don't know the difference?  Learn how to differentiate and define the specific needs of doctors, specialists, hospitals and ancillary providers.

Right Time, Right Promotion, Right Person
The practice decision maker is not always who you think it is. Learn about the influencers and dynamics of a medical practice and the right way to get your foot in the door.

You're Number One - Who Cares?
Healthcare providers are busy saving lives and restoring health. Your rankings and statistics mean very little to them in the overall selling process. Learn how to present your information in a concise and persuasive way and design packages that make a difference to their bottom line...and yours.

Marketing -  not just for patients anymore
Insurance companies, word of mouth, yellow pages - today's consumer has many avenues for finding a doctor.  But, do you know who the doctor's most important customer is and how to reach them?

Tricks, Tips and Tools

Walk away from this session with an arsenal of insider information, lists, forms and techniques designed to help you find new clients, assess their practice goals with ease and confidence, overcome objections and position yourself as their long-term marketing ally.

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