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Secrets & Sins? This MUST be radio advertising.

Sign up today for on-demand LBS sales training!

Sign up today for and get some fantastic on-demand training targeted towards RADIO broadcasters.

And the best part: It's only $100/year ($250 AUS, DFW, HOU, SA) and only available to TAB Member Stations.

Sign up today and get the rest of 2008 for free!

When you want someone to teach your staff or clients how to create radio advertising that works, the person you call is Dan O'Day.

As an on-site teacher and consultant, O'Day has taught radio stations, ad agencies and business owners in 34 countries how to create advertising that makes money for the client - and generates re-orders for the station or agency.

His online training topics include:

  • Overcoming the Most Common Objection in Radio
  • Secret to Radio Sales: Re-Orders
  • What's a Good Commercial?
  • Point of View
  • Radio is a Visual Medium
  • Test Drives
  • Radio is a Linear Experience
  • Focus on the Listener
  • Successful Advertising Intersects Human Behavior
  • Give People an Excuse to Buy
  • Use Emotion in Advertising
  • Use Active Verbs
  • Avoid Commercial Babble
  • Use Real Life Language
  • Identify the Core Message
  • Anticipate Objections
  • What's Too Much Copy?
  • Storytelling
  • Using Children's Voices
  • Opening Line for a Commercial
  • Using Phone Numbers
  • Using Street Addresses
  • Using Web Addresses
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Radio Advertising

And O'Day is just one of the trainers available online - there are seven more!

Don't pass up this opportunity - available to TAB member stations ONLY.

Register today with a credit card and your staff can be training this afternoon!

Download registration form


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