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Revenue development experts set for TAB/SBE 2011

TAB is bringing Mark Levy and Mike Mahone of Revenue Development Resources to TAB/SBE 2011.

Make plans to attend and get some revenue-generating ideas you can put in practice tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 10 at 4:15 pm

Beware the 2016, the Dreaded 20 & the 50/50

Sellers often do a good job of matching clients to their station formatically, and a credible job of writing copy that addresses a client?s marketing objectives, but typically they pay very little attention to the schedule itself. This class focuses on understanding the scheduling process and reviews common practice in the industry that often get in the way of helping clients succeed. By focusing on client objectives, prospect value and some unique scheduling ideas, attendees will be much better prepared to write more effective schedules for their clients.

Thursday, August 11 at 10 am

Pricing to Win: Strategic Plan for Rate Management

Many stations don?t have a strategic plan for rate management?or worse, don?t necessarily believe that they are worth a rate increase. This class covers the three key issues of growing rates, how to calculate true base line REVPAD to be able to hit budget at a variety of sell out percentages (and why sellers need to be involved in this process), how to make a great ?Flex? rate card that allows for a broader scope of advertisers to be part of the station, and what and how to cover in a weekly pricing meeting.

Thursday, August 11 at 2:30 pm

And Lo, the Ring was Kissed: Working with Ad Agencies

Let?s face it, agencies control a lot of money, and if a station is not a ?ratings darling,? there is no way it can get its share of the money they control, right? Well, not necessarily. In this class we focus on helping broadcasters walk ?in an agency's shoes,? because this is the first step to understanding how sellers may be able to get more money from agencies. We focus on what agencies do, why they do some of the things they do, why they don?t always have a high opinion of us, and what we can do about that. We also focus on key agency personnel, some of whom we may be missing with our ?sales efforts.?

Download registration form or call (512) 322-9944 to register on the phone.

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