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Radio Tech Innovations Figure Large at TAB Show

- Focus on Revenue, Efficiency, Savings, Safety

NextGen TV tends to dominate broadcast industry technology reporting, but Radio stations are seeing their share of technology innovations that are growing revenue, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs for independent and group-owned operations alike. 

The TAB Show Aug. 3-4 in Austin drills into these opportunities, as well as safety-oriented topics such as best practices in electrical grounding and cybersecurity.

Featuring 115 exhibit booths, the TAB Show is the largest state or regional broadcast event in the country, bringing Texas broadcasters a convenient and affordable hands-on experience with the latest gear and services for their stations.

TAB Show Radio-Tech Snapshot:

Tech-Based Revenue Opportunities: In-Dash Display
On the tech-based revenue side, nothing’s bigger than the accelerating “screenification” of Radio as dramatic new dashboard displays provide surprisingly easy new ways to engage listeners and grow revenue. No one knows this better than veteran Radio broadcaster and Quu CEO Steve Newberry and Xperi CEO Joe D’Angelo.

Converting RF Links to Data Streams
Bryan Broadcasting’s Chris Dusterhoff shares his MacGyver ingenuity to efficiently manage your existing STL links so you can add a new station or drop an ISDN link without worrying about band space.

Virtual Radio Infrastructure
Kirk Harnack with Telos Alliance shows how containerized software can move critical broadcast functions to the cloud, allowing decentralized content creation, audio processing and program distribution.

Radio’s NextGen TV Play
One of the “techs-perts” involved in making NextGen TV a reality, Fred Baumgartner, demonstrates how the platform dramatically outperforms our current medium wave and low-VHF radio spectrum and allows Radio the opportunity to access more data space, facilitating the move beyond simple text and album art to more interactive and personalized audio services.

Grounding/Lighting Protection
Jeff Welton with Nautel brings his much-in-demand, life-saving workshop on lightning protection.

Cybersecurity Threats – Prevention and Response
With the broadcast physical plant now fully integrated with the Internet, the cybersecurity risks to local broadcasters are growing exponentially. NetRise CEO Thomas Pace offers actionable insights on how to protect your operations.

AM Transmission Systems
Consulting engineer Ben Dawson shares his insights into how AM transmission system requirements have evolved along with the market. From designing a single site to host multiple AMs through diplexing and triplexing, to allocation restrictions, antenna efficiency and performance requirements, this session covers just about every inch of AM territory.

The Rest of the Story
Of course, there’s much more in store for Radio at the TAB Show with sessions targeting the rapidly evolving automobile market, music royalties, legal and regulatory insights, leadership strategies, digital sales training, and marketing techniques to help close sales faster.

This year, the nearly two dozen broadcasters planning the agenda took pains to avoid excessive counterprogramming, resulting in an agenda that ensures delegates can consume the content that drew them to the Show to begin with.


Questions? Contact TAB’s Oscar Rodriguez or call (512) 322-9944.

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