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Possible to Teach a Dog New Tricks?

 - Katey McGuckin-Woolam, P1 Learning

Possible to teach a dog new tricks? Absolutely it is! As veteran sellers we are always looking for that edge. And sometimes we get into slumps.

And if this is your case, view P1 Learning’s series on Creativity to fine tune your skills.  Creativity is becoming increasingly important in the work place. But where does creativity come from? Is it inherited? Is it a talent? Actually, it’s a skill.

Being logical is a good thing! It’s good for language and required for math. Logic is often looking for the best answer, the one that makes the most sense. But the problem with logic is that it often misses genius and creativity. So, how do we get there? By educating ourselves to come up with better solutions. Now the cool thing about the brain is that it’s an auto organizer. It takes in all this information, somehow organizes this randomness and creates connections between the bits of information. Those connections help us be more creative so that the more you know, the more creative you can be.

Interested in learning more? Here are a few courses on creativity…

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