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New Tool for Stations Weighing C-Band Payment Options

- NAB Webinar Clarifies Steps for Sept. 14 Deadline

Broadcasters with earth station licenses that properly registered their satellite dishes with the FCC have a new online tool to help them decide how they want to be reimbursed for relocating to the new part of the C-Band as it’s compressed to make way for 5G service.

Coupled with the FCC’s recent two-week deadline extension to Sept. 14, a new webinar produced by the NAB provides critical insights to help members and non-members alike make this decision.

Order free NAB webinar here

The choice breaks in two distinct ways, according to TAB Associate Member David Oxenford with the Wilkinson Barker Knauer law firm.

“For some broadcasters planning to adopt alternate delivery methods for their programming, such as by fiber or Internet, that lump sum payment may be an attractive alternative,” Oxenford says.

“For others, a careful analysis of the costs of buying and installing new equipment on their own needs to be weighed against what might be the simpler and more cost-effective option of allowing the satellite company to quarterback the technical changes.”

Options includes a lump-sum payment based on a flat schedule adopted by the FCC as outlined by TAB’s FCC legal counsel or reimbursement for actual relocation costs as outlined in an FCC Cost Catalog.

Oxenford offers further insights in his recent blog post.

Questions? Contact TAB’s Oscar Rodriguez or call (512) 322-9944.

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