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NAB offers EAS Test PSAs

The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) is only eight days away ? November 9 at 2 pm Eastern (1 pm Central).

Because of the unique nature of this first-ever, federal-level test, there are a few differences from the regular tests that viewers are used to seeing and hearing.

Unlike most EAS tests, which may run only in a local market or area, the November 9 EAS test will be seen and heard on every television channel and radio station in the entire country at the same time.

Viewers will not be able to avoid the test by flipping channels.

Also, this nationwide test will last about a minute longer than the usual EAS tests broadcasters are more familiar with (about three minutes total).

NAB is producing a series of television public service announcements.

There will be a series of 12 30-second HD television spots ? six in English and six in Spanish ? that will count down to the November 9 event.

Broadcasters are encouraged to run the spots with increasing frequency as November 9 approaches. 

The PSAs will be available to download on NAB?s website later this week, and information will be posted here on how to download them when they are available.

Currently available on NAB?s Nationwide EAS Test website are radio and television PSAs regarding the Nationwide EAS Test produced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Also available on the website are:

  • Sample scripts that you can use to customize your own spot; 
  • Sample text for last-minute television messaging immediately preceding the test;
  • The FCC?s Nationwide EAS Test Handbook;
  • Guidance on the FCC?s required test reporting system; and
  • FEMA?s EAS Best Practices Guide and EAS Toolkit.

Please bookmark NAB?s website and visit it regularly for additional information that may be released before the November 9 test. 

As first informers, broadcasters are a critical lifeline for many Americans during times of crisis.

And as the backbone of the Emergency Alert System, it is imperative that broadcasters work with federal partners to regularly test the EAS system to ensure the safety of all Americans.

Questions? Contact NAB?s Legal and Regulatory department at (866) 682-0276 or (202) 429-5430.

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