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Multi-Language EAS Survey Due Nov. 6

The FCC requires the State Emergency Communications Committee, which I chair, to survey all EAS participants on what steps they are taking to distribute EAS content in languages other than English to their non-English speaking audiences.

The first survey was sent the week of Oct. 10, with a reminder sent Oct. 30, to all primary participant contacts, including GMs and engineers for Radio and Television stations.

To be clear, participants are not required to distribute EAS content in languages other than English, but the FCC is interested in knowing what various participants may be endeavoring to do in this regard.

Individual replies will not be disclosed to the FCC or anyone else; only aggregate information or summaries will be provided.  The directive itself requires the SECC to “summarize” the responses received.

GMs or engineer that have not yet completed the three-question survey for their station(s) should contact TAB’s Oscar Rodriguez.

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