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Make your public service count!

-TAB launches 20th annual Public Service Research Project

You’ve heard the saying...”Modesty is a wonderful personal attribute, but a terrible marketing plan.”…well, this is the time to really to take that insight to heart as TAB just launched its 20th annual Public Service Research Project which asks stations to document the value and breadth of their service to local communities. TAB uses the findings to educate policymakers in Austin and Washington, DC on broadcasters’ unique and continuing role in their communities and the media marketplace.

Since 1998, TAB has documented more than $5.26 billion raised or contributed by Texas broadcasters – and that’s with an average of just 20 percent of stations responding each year. We do not extrapolate the data to build an estimate for the entire industry.

With the current FCC lightening the regulatory load for broadcasters, it’s especially important that we continue documenting the good work we’re doing for our viewers and listeners to forestall future policymakers from reverting to their heavy-handed ways. Moreover, it’s imperative that lawmakers are reminded how broadcasters are distinct from subscription platforms not tied to any local community.


The online form is easy to complete, with advance instructions provided detailing the information you’ll need to complete the form for each individual set of call letters.  Because every response adds to the total, we need responses from all stations.                                                                                                               

Participating stations will receive a confirmation of their survey completion, along with a copy of the completed form.  As with all TAB surveys, the information you provide is confidential. Only aggregate figures for Texas broadcasters will be released.

Dr. Augie Grant, a university researcher and former TAB Board member, supervises the project, ensuring independent accuracy of the tabulation of responses.

Early responders will even have a chance to win $50 each of the first three weeks the survey is in the field, so the sooner you complete the form the greater your chance to win.

Questions regarding the Public Service Research Project can be directed to TAB’s Barbara Rodgers.

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