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Keeping up with the 2016 Texas political season

Earlier this month TAB began sending our TAB Political Update emails to select station staff.

These updates are sent on an “as needed” basis so station staff can keep abreast of political developments that might have an effect on political advertising or news coverage this election season.

The initial email covered the 2015-16 political dates, the offices up for election in 2016, and a preview of the 2015 Texas Constitutional Amendment Election in November. 

Our most recent email offered TAB’s first preview of the anticipated contested races in 2016.  

Not surprisingly, it appears the Dallas-Fort Worth market will see the most contested races, followed closely by the Houston market.  Other areas of the state will see a good deal of activity as well. 

This information can help stations develop 2016 revenue forecasts as well as plan political reporting for the 2016 primary and general elections.

TAB will have news of other candidates entering races in the next update, which likely will hit email inboxes in August.   Until then, stations can review the information that has been prepared thus far. 

Another step stations can take now is to review any current, long-term sales contracts that will stretch into the first 2016 political window that begins Jan. 16, 2016 and ends with the March 2 primary election. 

Such long-term buys, which usually feature lower rates for being locked in long-term, could impact a station’s lowest unit rate.   It’s best to know what exposure you have now and to plan accordingly.

The TAB Political Update emails are sent to station general managers, general sales managers, local sales managers and news directors. 

If there is someone else at your station who should be receiving the TAB Political Update emails, send TAB their email address and we’ll add them to the distribution list. 

TAB also posts the updates in the legal section of the Members portion of the TAB website. 

The 2016 Political Dates and Offices Up for Election document is available as a one-sheet there as well.

Questions?  Contact TAB's Michael Schneider or call (512) 322-9944.

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