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Jumpstart web business at TAB/SBE 2009

Jumpstart your web sales at the TAB Convention.

Building New Web Businesses
Stephen Warley,
Wed., Aug. 19
4:30-5:45 p.m.
Trinity Room, Renaissance Austin Hotel

Warley will show broadcasters how to use their existing brands, social networking and broadcast promotional power to build a portfolio of new online brands.  As part of this process, he will show broadcasters how to write a basic business plan.  Beyond advertising-based businesses, service-based, fee-based and subscription models will be discussed. 

Jumpstart Your Web Sales
Stephen Warley,
Thurs., Aug. 20
4-5:30 p.m.
Trinity Room, Renaissance Austin Hotel

Radio's share of all the money spent on local online advertising stands at less than 2% and local television's share is around 10%.  While traditional local broadcast revenue has remind flat, local online advertising revenues have grown by double-digit figures each of the last three years.  Warley provides frank advice on what it will take to jump start broadcast web sales in the short-term.

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