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Help Your Clients Run The Gauntlet

- Mark Levy, Revenue Development Resources

As a broadcaster, you are already aware that this week was the start of the 4th Quarter “Gauntlet” for many of your local businesses.Mark Levy

  • Amazon Prime Days launched October 13th.
  • Black Friday is expected to have significantly less foot traffic but greatly increased online shopping.
  • Immediately after that, local business will face Cyber Monday.

Yes, that’s a pretty difficult gauntlet.

So how can you help local clients?

Certainly, with your advertising programs remembering that the more you can focus your recommendations on “Mr. / Ms. Advertiser, I’m suggesting this because you said…” the better your chance to close the deal.

And now, even more so, is the time to use your eyes, ears, and expertise to protect local businesses.

Visit their place of business. What do you see that could be improved? Are things neat? Are they clean? What, if any, greeting do they use? (“May I help you?” is not nearly as strong as “Hi! What can I help you find today?).

Share what you observed, but in a way that shows clients that you care: “Mr. / Ms. Advertiser, you may be aware of this, but just in case, here’s why this is important, and why we should care.”

Furthermore, have you offered to review your client’s website with them, to evaluate if the website is feature-oriented (“I” and “We”) or benefit-oriented (“You” and “Your”)?

Does the website allow customers to order gift certificates online? If not, how fast can you help fix that? And if you’re given price/item copy, do you ask your client to compare their prices to online vendors prices for the same product, to make sure your client is in the “price” ballpark?

Finally, when a customer thanks your clients, do your clients say, “No problem” or “My pleasure”? (Which would they rather hear when they are shopping?).

The next three months are critical for so many businesses, including yours.

Be a pro. Help them survive this gauntlet, and they’ll be there in 2021 to help you!

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