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Former KMHT announcer to be inducted in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame

 - Courtesy of Robin Y. Richardson, Marshall News Messenger

KMHT, the Heartbeat of East Texas, continues to create legends, with former announcer Jerome Davis being the latest to be inductedinto the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

James “Larry” Thompson, former disc jockey and radio personality, was the first in 2009; Tony Bridge, former owner, was the second in 2010.

“It’s extremely exciting,” KMHT’s General Manager Chris Paddie said of the honors. “KMHT has been around for a long time, going on back in the ‘40s. “It’s been amazing to me throughout my career that I’ve had the opportunity to run into not only those that’s been inducted, but just people along the way that work for various networks and other parts of the country that said, ‘I got my start at KMHT years ago,’” Paddie said. “It’s amazing just how many people, particularly during the time Tony Bridge was involved in the station, how many folks, a lot of young talent that came through and went on to be great broadcasters.

“It’s excited to see that tradition continue on,” he said of making it into the state’s Hall of Fame. “Hopefully, we’ll have more inductees in the future,as well.”

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