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FCC releases notice on DTV viewer calls


The FCC this morning issued a Public Notice reminding TV stations that have not yet made the transition to all-digital broadcasting that they should be prepared to answer calls about the transition immediately after they make the switch.

The FCC is particularly concerned about after business hours when stations may not normally have full staff on hand to answer calls.

The agency reminds stations that they should be ready to handle increased calls to its local consumer referral telephone number that may receive calls transferred from the national DTV call center.

According to the Public Notice, "stations' consumer referral number should be staffed with personnel prepared to answer complex questions from viewers, particularly regarding necessary actions to take to get reception in specific locations, and other engineering issues."

The consumer referral number can be staffed either by individual stations or a group of stations in the area.

The FCC also notes that its national call center will be active for 24 hours a day following the transition and that local stations should expect referral calls from the call center at any time of the day or night.

Stations which choose to transition later on June 12 should be prepared to have qualified staff on hand through the weekend.

Read the FCC's Public Notice here.

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